CDU Federal Vice Klöckner: Applicants should be set up as diverse as possible

If a man were to become the new CDU chairman, the deputy chairman of the CDU, Julia Klöckner, would have to fill the general secretary position with a woman.

Berlin – There are “many good and capable women in our party who are not yet well known to everyone. But that can change, ”she told the“ Rheinische Post ”(Saturday). Klöckner assumes several applications for the party chairmanship. “I think there will be two or maybe three serious applicants,” she told the newspaper. However, it does not depend on the highest possible number of candidates. “It’s about a choice between different political drafts.” The new party leader is to be elected at a party conference in January in Hanover. Before that, the party members will be asked about Armin Laschet’s successor. Applicants can be nominated from this Saturday (November 6th) to November 17th. (dpa)

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