Circumstances unexplained: Russian diplomat’s body found

An employee of the Russian embassy in Berlin died under unexplained circumstances.

Berlin – Guards of the Berlin police are said to have found the 35-year-old man, according to a “Spiegel” report, on October 19 at around 7:20 am on the sidewalk at the back of the embassy complex. According to information from the magazine, the man is said to have had connections with a Russian secret service. The German Foreign Ministry said on Friday that the case was known. Out of consideration for the personal rights of the person concerned, one will not comment on this. A spokesman for the Berlin public prosecutor’s office did not want to provide any information on the case.

The man may have fallen from an upper floor of the embassy complex on Behrenstrasse in the Mitte district of Berlin. According to an official list of diplomats, he had been accredited as second embassy secretary in Berlin since summer 2019. According to “Spiegel”, he is said to have been known to the German security authorities as a disguised member of the Russian domestic secret service FSB. In Russia, the department is responsible, among other things, for the fight against terrorism and is linked by Western intelligence services to the so-called Tiergarten Murder, in which a Georgian exile was shot in broad daylight in Berlin in the summer of 2019. A process for this has been going on in Berlin for over a year. (dpa)

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