Comment: New migration dispute: EU leaves Poland in the lurch

  • Georg Anastasiadis

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The EU does not want to help Poland defend the EU’s external border. A serious mistake and an economic stimulus program for Orban & Co., says Merkur editor-in-chief Georg Anastasiadis.

It’s true: Poland and its ultra-conservative PIS government don’t make it easy for Europe to like them. Unfortunately, the reverse is also increasingly true: the refusal of the EU Commission in Brussels to help Poland build its wall against the increasingly aggressive Belarus of the shameless dictator Lukashenko is a serious mistake. The European Union under its German boss Ursula von der Leyen shows that it has learned nothing, absolutely nothing from the events of 2015.

New migration dispute? Has the EU learned nothing from the events of 2015?

Lukashenko lured 30,000 migrants in October alone with cheap flights to Minsk and then smuggled them to the border and into the EU, 5,000 of whom were picked up in Germany alone. At the same time, the Polish government reported an incident in which a group of 250 migrants was accompanied by Belarusian soldiers who threatened to open fire on Polish border guards. The Baltic countries of Latvia and Lithuania are also building fortified border fortifications out of fear of Belarusian attempts at destabilization.

Brussels is leaving these countries in the lurch and is once again putting ideology before reason. The signal to the center of the Union is: The EU, obsessed with Merkel’s open borders, does not protect Europe from mass irregular migration, not even when it is organized by state smugglers who are hostile to Europe. The signal that people in the Baltic States, Poland and Hungary are perceiving is that Brussels is leaving the countries on the external border alone. The EU is thus allowing the authoritarian, anti-liberal leaderships in Warsaw and Budapest to become the true defenders of Europe. The Hungarian Orban is already mocking that, if Brussels and Berlin so wish, they could be happy to help set up a refugee corridor to Germany. The future traffic light coalition still has an urgent need for clarification.

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