Corona failure: Lauterbach and Braun clash at Illner – “Find that completely wrong!”

Maybrit Illner is once again devoting her political talk on ZDF to Corona, especially the vulnerable groups who are currently at risk again. There have already been increased deaths in several nursing homes.

Illner sums it up at the beginning of her talk: “The virus has returned to where we didn’t want it and where it is most dangerous: in old people’s homes.”

The moderator is downright angry about the current health policy: The booster vaccinations have still not started properly despite the vaccine being available. Illner provocatively asks the camera in the direction of Jens Spahn: “Winter again? No plan again? “

Lauterbach near Maybrit Illner: 15 million people who have been vaccinated are “driving the pandemic”

But the group of experts quickly agreed that it was not because of politics. One problem is the large number of adults who do not want to be vaccinated. Around 15 million, including three million over 65. Lauterbach later commented: “These are people who take full risk.” But they would also endanger others and “drive the pandemic”.

Chancellery chief Helge Braun also sounds slightly annoyed when he states dryly: “If they were to be vaccinated, the winter would be relaxed.”

The chairman of the board of the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians, Andreas Gassen, adds a risk statistic: The risk of a corona disease taking a severe course is 25 times higher for a 45-year-old unvaccinated person than for a vaccinated person, Gassen says strictly from his monitor down.

“Maybrit Illner” – these guests discussed with:

  • Helge Braun (CDU) – Executive Head of the Chancellery
  • Prof. Karl Lauterbach (SPD) – Member of the Bundestag, health politician
  • Stephan Pusch (CDU) – District Administrator in the Heinsberg district
  • Dr. Andreas Gassen – Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians
  • Prof. Christine Falk – President of the German Society for Immunology

Using the number of vaccination breakthroughs, Prof. Christine Falk makes it clear how “extremely effective” the vaccine is: 145,000 cases in 55 million people who were vaccinated, which corresponds to around 0.2 percent and is marginal.

Maybrit Illner puts the vaccination requirement up for debate: Is it possible in Italy, France – why not in Germany? Helge Braun explains the legal situation again: Compulsory vaccination would only help to eradicate a disease, the WHO sets the standards here.

Half of the geriatric nurses in Germany are said to be still unvaccinated

Illner continues to ask: Isn’t it mandatory for nursing staff either? This is currently a problem factor, especially in the elderly and care facilities. In the Illner group, the number of people who have been vaccinated in elderly care is estimated at up to 50 percent. Lauterbach adds: “It was probably about auxiliary staff.”

However, Braun expresses concerns: “We already have too few in the nursing staff,” said the head of the Chancellery, surprisingly open. If half of the people do not want to be vaccinated, there is a risk that they will look for work elsewhere or go back to their home countries if an obligation is introduced. Braun: “The facilities tell us: Please don’t do that under any circumstances!” Andreas Gassen confirms: “It is a difficult decision to risk that a part will no longer come to work at all.”

All that remains is testing. The group agrees that they should remain free of charge – even for those who have not been vaccinated. Lauterbach also sees this as necessary, at least for the medical staff and visitors to retirement homes.

Braun openly criticizes the traffic lights at Maybrit Illner and Jens Spahn for Corona failures

Braun relies on booster vaccinations and wonders with a swipe towards Spahn why they would now “start so slowly”. This would cause “huge damage”, so Braun, after all, people have been talking about their necessity since September and the means, the vaccine, are now sufficiently available compared to the previous year. Braun: “There is an imminent danger here” and is already leading to “unnecessary deaths”.

As in previous broadcasts, District Administrator Stephan Pusch criticized the lack of a crisis team that communicated with one voice instead of many and had the authority to implement things across Germany. But the district administrator does not meet with approval in the round.

In the end, Braun and Lauterbach quarreled. Braun, who railed against the “traffic light coalition”, who recently announced the end of the epidemic on November 24th, is breaking the fight off the fence. Braun: “I think the symbol is completely wrong!”

Lauterbach, who is attending the coalition negotiations, immediately speaks up and explains, among other things: “I could now say, for example, that Jens Spahn, by rushing ahead, he was not responsible, put us under pressure! But I’m not saying that … “

Illner objects: “You just did!” But Lauterbach smiles: “I only said what I didn’t want to say!” Even Helge Braun had to laugh. And the SPD man makes it clear what will actually follow from November 24th of this year: The “legal basis” so that the states are “authorized” to take “far-reaching measures” themselves in the future, Lauterbach praises the powers as if Market screamers to: “2G, 3G, testing, masks, distances …” District Administrator Pusch shouts in between: “Please don’t close schools!” Lauterbach shakes his head, they are not planned.

Conclusion of the “Maybrit Illner” talk

Important intermediate result, warning and anticipation: The coronavirus will continue to kill people in this winter half-year. The appeal of the talk was unmistakable: “Protect yourself, folks, and get vaccinated, if it has not happened yet!” But there is a lot of “small, small” on the show and experience has shown that people rarely let themselves off their chairs through expert discussions tear. Opponents of the vaccination, who are currently contributing to the spread of the virus, endanger themselves and others, unfortunately, probably even less.

by Verena Schulemann

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