Corona: The majority of Germans want everyone to be vaccinated

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The debate about compulsory vaccination in Germany is not flattening out at the moment. A Forsa survey now shows what Germans really think of compulsory vaccination.

Kassel – A large majority of completely against Corona* vaccinated people in Germany want a booster vaccination. That is the result of a Forsa survey published on Thursday (November 4th, 2021) on behalf of the RTL / ntv trend barometer.

According to this, 70 percent of those who have already been fully vaccinated want to get a third vaccination, five percent have already received it. Around every fifth fully vaccinated person (18 percent), on the other hand, does not seek a booster vaccination, and seven percent are undecided on the subject.

According to the survey, two thirds (69 percent) of those who have been completely anti-vaccinated feel sufficiently informed about the question of whether a booster vaccination against Corona makes sense. On the other hand, almost a third (31 percent) of people who have been vaccinated twice, especially those under 45 years of age, do not feel adequately informed.

Corona survey: Almost half of the respondents think current measures are appropriate

In a survey also published on Thursday by Infratest dimap for the ARD Germany trend, 57 percent of respondents expressed concern about new restrictions on public life in Germany, on the one hand, and 58 percent of respondents also have concerns that the health care system could reach its limits.

With a view to the currently applicable Corona measures, according to the survey, almost half of those eligible to vote (46 percent) described the applicable restrictions as still appropriate. For almost one in four (23 percent), however, they have already gone too far.

An actual Study shows that vaccinated people also pass on the coronavirus*. The researchers strongly recommend that the corona rules continue to be adhered to.

Corona survey: 57 percent of Germans are for compulsory corona vaccination

However, the encouragement for stricter rules has grown significantly within a month: Twice as many people (29 percent) as at the beginning of October, the existing rules no longer go far enough.

Accordingly, the encouragement for a general corona vaccination requirement has grown from 46 percent in August to 57 percent, it said. According to the results, four out of ten respondents (39 percent) are against it. Three months ago, half (50 percent) refused a general vaccination requirement.

For example, compulsory vaccination for the health and care sector is even more popular than a general vaccination requirement: According to the survey, 74 percent are currently in favor of it. (Luisa Weckesser with dpa) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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