Green health expert Dahmen calls for a uniform 2G rule

The health expert of the Greens, Janosch Dahmen, has spoken out in favor of nationwide 2G rules in Germany in the fight against the corona pandemic, which is escalating again.

Berlin – “We urgently need 2G rules in this country, and across the board – not just in Baden-Württemberg,” said Dahmen in the RTL / n-tv show “Frühstart”. 2G means that only those who have been vaccinated and those who have recovered in the last six months are allowed access to certain locations and that tests are not sufficient for unvaccinated persons.

The following applies in Baden-Württemberg: Anyone who has not been vaccinated or recovered must now show an expensive PCR test for numerous leisure activities in closed rooms. The contact restrictions are also returning, at least for the unvaccinated. For example, meetings are now limited to one household and five other people. Saxony wants to adopt a 2G regulation for gastronomy and events this Friday. The reason is the increase in the number of Covid patients in intensive care units.

The 2G rule is a decisive lever, but it must also be monitored more consistently, said Dahmen. Too often the QR codes are only viewed “from a great distance”.

He also called for compulsory vaccination for people who worked with vulnerable groups, for example in old people’s or nursing homes. «I see compulsory vaccination for specific occupational groups as correct. At the moment, however, you have to be so honest that no political majorities can be found in the German Bundestag, ”said Dahmen.

When asked about free corona tests, opinions differ. Dahmen spoke out against “Business Insider” in favor of the reintroduction of the exemption from costs, and FDP party vice-president Wolfgang Kubicki had previously called for the state to assume the costs. SPD health expert Karl Lauterbach, on the other hand, sees no reason to change the test strategy: “It is correct that the tests are chargeable. This gives the many unvaccinated people an incentive to vaccinate, ”Lauterbach told Business Insider. (dpa)

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