Green youth: New motorway projects must be stopped

The Green Youth has asked the possible traffic light partners SPD and FDP to stop new motorway projects.

Bremen – economy, climate and people benefit most, “if we stop burying billions in highways, but invest in buses and trains,” said the head of the Green youth organization, Timon Dzienus, the Bremen “Weser-Kurier” (Friday) . “With every new road, we deepen our dependency on the car and prevent an ecologically and socially just traffic turnaround.” Millions of people in Germany are without a reasonable connection to local public transport, he warned.

The native of Lower Saxony demanded that all motorway and federal road projects whose construction has not yet started must be checked for economic efficiency and climate impacts. So far, such projects have all been nicely calculated: “You can see that well on the A20 coastal motorway. At the beginning of the planning, this should only cost a few hundred million euros. In the end, the A20 will cost at least seven billion euros. ” In addition, there would be land destruction, increased CO2 emissions and other environmental damage.

Dzienus also demanded that a traffic light should deal with climate-damaging subsidies such as the commuter allowance: “So far, it has benefited those with the highest income. People with a low income and a correspondingly low tax burden have practically nothing at all from the commuter allowance. ” (dpa)

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