Iceland: Mask requirement again and tightening of further measures due to increasing numbers

In view of the increasing corona numbers, Iceland is not lifting the corona restrictions remaining on the island as planned.

Reykjavik – Instead, several measures will be tightened or reintroduced, including the obligation to wear mouth and nose protection from Saturday if no minimum evening of one meter can be observed. The Icelandic government announced on Friday.

As of Wednesday, only 500 instead of 2000 people will be allowed to come together at meetings and events, at least 1500 if they have a negative rapid test. Alcoholic restaurants will have to close two hours earlier than currently, at 11 p.m. All of this should initially apply for four weeks and thus until December 8th.

All people on the North Atlantic island over the age of 16 should also be offered a third dose of vaccine to refresh their vaccination protection against Covid-19. The Icelandic government announced in mid-October that the main remaining restrictions in the country would end on November 18 – if the situation does not worsen. However, this case has now occurred: Iceland has experienced more new corona infections than ever on individual days in the past two days. (dpa)

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