Iran continues to expand nuclear program

Despite the international negotiations in Vienna planned for the end of November, Iran continues to expand its nuclear program.

Tehran – According to media reports, the spokesman for the Iranian nuclear organization (AEOI) announced this on Friday. “We have so far produced and stored more than 210 kilograms of 20 percent enriched uranium and 25 kilograms of 60 percent enriched uranium,” said AEOI spokesman Behrus Kamalwandi, according to the Fars news agency. The International Atomic Energy Agency last reported at the beginning of September that Iran had ten kilograms of 60 percent enriched uranium.

According to the Vienna nuclear agreement, Iran is actually only allowed to enrich uranium to less than four percent. Tehran claims that the country is also technically capable of enriching uranium up to 90 percent – and thus producing uranium suitable for nuclear weapons.

On November 29th, the nuclear negotiations on the restoration of the nuclear agreement with Iran are to be continued in Vienna. They have been suspended since the presidential election in June and the change of government in Tehran. The EU and the remaining partners in the deal – China, Russia, France, Great Britain and Germany – are working in Vienna to see the US return to the deal, as well as Iran’s return to its commitments in the deal. The Vienna deal was supposed to prevent the construction of Iranian nuclear weapons. (dpa)

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