Justice knocks down another attempt by the State Attorney to bury the Gali case




New blow of Justice against the insistent strategy of the State Attorney to torpedo the investigation of the Gali case, the clandestine operation with which the Government introduced in Spain last April the leader of the Polisario Front, the saharawi Brahim Gali. The attorney appointed by the Government, María del Mar González Bella, has been trying for weeks to stop the
investigation by Zaragoza judge Rafael Lasala
. And, given the persistence of the magistrate, the State attorney has tried before the Zaragoza Court, but with no result.

The third section of the Zaragoza Court, chaired by José Ruiz Ramo, has just rejected the appeal with which González Bella sought to expel those who exercise popular accusations in this case. If they had succeeded, the proceedings would have been strangled in practice, having been left without the essential parts that are promoting the criminal action.

The car that dictated the Hearing of Zaragoza therefore supposes a support for the investigation proceedings of the Zaragoza judge Rafael Lasala, which has appreciated criminal evidence for prevarication, documentary falsification and concealment.

At the moment, they are accused the ex-minister Arancha González Laya and who was his chief of staff at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the diplomat Camilo Villarino. The defense of both is exercised by the State attorney María del Mar González Bella.

This lawyer tried to annul the popular accusations by requesting their expulsion from the case or, failing that, that each of them be imposed a large bail of 150,000 euros. Judge Lasala refused these claims by the State attorney, who later tried with her appeal to the Zaragoza Court. However, the magistrates have now agreed with the investigating judge.

The order of the third section of the Hearing of Zaragoza, in which The magistrate José Alfonso Tello Abadía has been a speaker, considers it inappropriate to expel the popular accusations. And it also supports the decision of Judge Lasala not to have required bail for the accusations, so as not to hinder the criminal action of the accusations, which are brought by the Malaga lawyer Antonio Urdiales, on the one hand, and by Juan Vicente Pérez Aras and Mohamed Rachad Andaloussi, on the other.

This appeal that the Zaragoza Court has just dismissed was presented by the State’s attorney on behalf of the accused Camilo Villarino.

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