Laporta yields and signs Xavi but covers himself in case he fails



As ABC explained, courtship with the Arabs was comedy and Xavi Hernández will be presented on Monday, or at most on Tuesday, as the next Barcelona coach. In any case, after the match in Balaídos, so that Sergi Barjuan have also been able to have their ‘moment’ and taking advantage of the league break. Laporta, proud and stubborn, marks the line for the former player, acting reluctantly with his incorporation, and enthuses his friends and Jewish backers of Goldman Sachs, who are soon to become owners of the club, hesitating the emir.

If it is not Monday, it will be Tuesday, but once the League has stopped, starting on Sunday night, everything will be ready for the last act of this soap opera. Laporta does not want Xavi because he is not ‘his’, and he’s not at all sure that it will work for him, but he has no choice but to give in to pressure because he has no better alternative, at least at the moment. The president is playing his cards in such a way that if Xavi fails he will always be able to say that they pressured him to sign him, when he manifestly did not want to, and he will not be telling, in fact, any lie. If the adventure goes well, you will be able to say that this delay was pure negotiating strategy, which is not untrue either.

Despite this distance, relevant now and perhaps in the not too distant future, Jan and Xavi have talked a lot these days and the relationship is good, although Laporta continues to think of Xavi that he is too arrogant for the little that he has shown so far as a coach. , and that his would be to direct the subsidiary to forge itself. Jan’s reflection has to do with the trajectory of Guardiola, who at the beginning did not want as a coach, because in the campaign that led him to his first presidency, Santpedor supported his main opponent, publicist Lluís Bassat. In the same way, Xavi committed himself to the candidacy of Víctor Font from the outset, although he immediately gave up when he saw who the winning horse was.

But no matter how deep his regret is, and the doubts he has about the former player are consistent, he has come to the conclusion that he cannot remain in the interim nor can he continue to give the feeling of inaction or neglect in the face of poor results and a game without idea. drowning in his own helplessness. Thus ‘died’ Koeman, and thus would Barjuan fall if they let him a couple more weeks. Laporta is not clear that Xavi works the miracle, but they have no other nail to hold on to. The deal is closed, although there is some comedy to be staged. Laporta has not traveled to Doha to symbolically seal the pact in part because his symbols are chosen by him and Xavi is not one of them. Also because he thinks that it is not necessary to do so much comedy with the Qataris when everyone knows, and for a long time, that Xavi wants to go to Barça, that he has paid the termination clause and will play a friendly in Doha at the end of this season or early next. Yesterday the talks between the representatives of both clubs came to fruition on the basis that they have a lot of money but they are an insignificant club and Barça doesn’t have a single euro but we are Barça. And despite everything, “our historical weight and the strength of the brand still have an ascendancy,” said Laporta closed and the signing.

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