Laschet photo: puzzles finally solved? CDU politician is now clearing up

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Laschet, the magician? Hardly likely. In an interview with Maischberger, the CDU politician solved the riddle about the self-adhesive cell phone.

Berlin – how did he do it? Many asked themselves that after a photo of Armin Laschet made the rounds. You can see the CDU politician talking on the phone in the Bundestag – but without using his hands. His cell phone seems to be sticking to his cheek. The recording quickly circulated on social media and caused ridicule.

A journalist tweeted: “Did Armin Laschet accidentally stick a cell phone to his ear?” But it should not have been magic. In an interview with Sandra Maischberger in her talk of the same name, the failed Union chancellor candidate now took a position. So has the sticky cell phone mystery been solved?

Curious Laschet photo? Mystery finally solved? CDU politician is now clearing up

In the first interview since the federal election, which was devastating for the Union, Laschet gave insights into his relationship with Markus Söder, campaign errors and his future in the CDU. But there was another topic that Maischberger was obviously itching his fingers.

“I can’t let you out without asking,” admits the moderator. The photo of Laschet with his cell phone that went viral appears. “Nobody knows how to do it,” says Maischberger amid the laughter and clapping of the audience. He explains: “I’ll just put it on.” Sometimes he asks himself, “What is actually going on in the world and with German journalism,” Laschet said, referring to one of them SZ-Article about his “mobile phone trick”. That’s what interests people, interjects Maischberger.

“You put it on your head and make a phone call,” is the simple answer. “I’ve done that umpteen times – and someone has now photographed it. It’s very simple, nothing sticks, ”says Laschet. “One thinks it that way, the other one and I think that way,” he explains. In this case, there can be no question of stopping. (aka)

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