Left Benn again district mayor in Pankow – criticism because the reproach was only won by the AfD

The re-election of the left-wing politician Sören Benn as district mayor of Berlin-Pankow has sparked a heated argument.

Berlin – The Greens, whose candidate was inferior to him, and the FDP assumed that Benn had been elected with the votes of the AfD in the district assembly (BVV). The left dismissed this on Friday as an unsubstantiated and unfounded claim. The vote was secret. Benn has been mayor of Berlin’s largest district with 410,000 inhabitants since 2016. In the BVV election on September 26, the Greens had become the strongest party ahead of the Left and the SPD, but apparently could not forge a majority for their mayoral candidate Cordelia Koch. Result: Benn was elected to the BVV, which has 55 members, on Thursday evening with 29 votes in favor, 24 against and 2 abstentions.

Left (12 seats) and SPD (11 seats), who declared their support for his candidacy, only got 23 votes together. Therefore, at least six members of other parliamentary groups must have voted for the 53-year-old. Greens (16 seats), CDU (8), AfD (5) and FDP (3) come into question. After the election defeat, the Greens sharply criticized the left – although both parties are currently negotiating with the SPD at state level about a continuation of the coalition they formed in 2016. “As an election loser, right-wing extremists help you into office, that is not what you do,” tweeted the Greens federal manager Michael Kellner. The left declared that after talks in advance they assumed that Benn had been elected “with the support of individual representatives from the democratic camp”. The AfD Pankow said they supported Benn. (dpa)


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