Malu Dreyer: Good atmosphere in coalition negotiations

The Prime Minister of Rhineland-Palatinate, Malu Dreyer, has expressed herself “very confidently” that the coalition negotiations in the federal government with the Greens and the FDP will continue positively.

Berlin – “It is quite normal for one or the other party to be more satisfied or dissatisfied during negotiations. That depends a little on which working group you are looking at, ”said the SPD politician on Friday morning in the ZDF“ morning magazine ”.

The Greens expressed their dissatisfaction on Thursday. “We are currently seeing too little progress in terms of the substance of the content,” said Federal Managing Director Michael Kellner of the German Press Agency. In view of the faltering talks, contrary to expectations, no further detailed schedule was announced.

According to Dreyer, the goal remains to conclude the negotiations in the 22 thematic working groups in the next few days. «We negotiate in a good atmosphere. And that it jerks every now and then is the most normal thing in the world. ” We will continue to make good progress together.

Regarding the timetable for electing the previous SPD Finance Minister Olaf Scholz as Chancellor in St. Nicholas Week at the beginning of December, she said: “I am confident that we can achieve it.” (dpa)

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