Markus Lanz speaks to the men’s magazine about Merkel: “It’s good that this is over”

The kind of outgoing Chancellor was “completely okay,” says the ZDF political talker. But now a different approach is needed.

Berlin – Are people fed up with politics? Markus Lanz disagrees. “I think the opposite is the case. Angela Merkel remained silent for 16 years through election campaigns. That was completely okay for a long time. But now it is no longer possible – and it is good that it is over, “said the 52-year-old now to the magazine GQ.

The other day someone took the position on his show that people just didn’t feel like politics, Lanz explained. He, on the other hand, enjoys a repoliticized society in Germany. “I often read the comment columns under online articles. Of course there is also a lot of nonsense and malice involved, but there are always people who really get the point and have good arguments. ”

Markus Lanz

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Lanz (ZDF) speaks in the “GQ” interview about polarization even after the federal election

On the other hand, the talk show host (ZDF) also sees a danger in the increasing polarization: “We live in a time in which even people you would never suspect have the feeling: We are not being told everything,” said Lanz, der comes from South Tyrol.

“You meet intelligent, well-educated people from your own circle of acquaintances who claim that reports about vaccine damage, for example, are deleted. We have to be careful. ”When he shot a report in the USA five years ago, shortly before the election of Donald Trump, that was exactly the mood there. (dpa/frs)

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