Mazón asks the Government to restore 100% of Cercanías and criticizes that the Community “leads the incidents in Spain”




The president of the Popular Party of the Valencian Community (PPCV), Carlos Mazon, has demanded this Friday the Government of Spain to “restore one hundred percent of the Cercanías trains” and recalls that the region “leads the incidents” throughout the country.

The leader of the popular Valencians thanked his group in Congress that, in addition to the 150 territorial amendments to the State’s general budgets (PGE) presented with “specific investment actions”, has incorporated “three of them into the ministerial objectives, including a specific and exclusive mention of the Cercanías trains of the Valencian Community”.

Thus, the PPCV points out in a statement, “the Congress of Deputies It will have to debate whether among the budgetary objectives for 2022 it agrees that the Government of Spain restores all the trains that existed in 2018 in the first quarter, the workforce of machinists be completed -as agreed with the unions in 2016-, or the Commuter Plan of the Valencian Community of 2017 is fulfilled ».

Given that “the region presents the highest number of incidents in the entire national territory, multiplying by seven those of Cercanías de Madrid”, it has been proposed in Congress that in the first quarter of 2022 “proceed to the full restitution of the total from rail services, currently cut, that make up the Public Service Obligation approved on December 15, 2017, currently in force, whose breach is causing enormous damage to users throughout Spain, and particularly to the Valencian Community.

The president of the PPCV recalled that the Cercanías plan “was presented in December 2017 with a budget of 1,436.55 million and it planned to conclude most of its investments in 2022. Inexplicably, a large part of them has not even started ”.

Mazón has asserted that this amendment is “fundamental” for the development of the Valencian Community. «The situation left by the socialist (José Luis) Ábalos is dramatic. These cancellations affect thousands of people every day because they cannot move, people who are prevented from leading a normal life and find it difficult to go to work or study centers. And cancellations are increasing every day, “he said.

The president of the PPCV has visited the North Station of Valencia, where he has met with representatives of the SEMAF, a union to which 85% of the drivers belong and where only on Wednesday twenty trains were canceled, in addition to the sixty that are no longer scheduled. “There are not enough frequencies or replacement of the suppressed trains,” he lamented.

“It is indecent that the commuter trains registered more than 7,500 cancellations in 2019 and no solution has been found,” adds the leader of the PPCV, which insists that it is “necessary that one hundred percent of the suppressed trains be restored in the Valencian Community, since we are the region most damaged by cuts and cancellations.”

«This temporary problem seems to have become definitive and already affects the Generalitat’s budget as well, as buses have been announced from the Conselleria to replace trains on both the C-1 Valencia-Gandía line and the C-6 Valencia-Castellón line », Said the president of the PPCV.

Mazón and Catalá with SEMAF representatives in Valencia
Mazón and Catalá with SEMAF representatives in Valencia – ABC

«In addition, -continues- the environmental impact It is extraordinary because, although our fleet of buses is each day of higher quality, and less polluting than the private vehicle, the train emits five times less CO2 per passenger than the buses themselves that have been launched by the government of Ximo Puig to hide the shame of Sánchez ».

Amendments for the three provinces

The main amendments presented by the PPCV deputies to the PGE focus on investments for post-pandemic economic recovery.

«It is about trying to improve investments that are focused on strategic infrastructures, to make the Valencian Community a competitive territory, as well as to promote the most important productive sectors such as Agriculture and Fishing, the Environment, Industry, Tourism or Culture, as well as amendments in matters of Safety, Roads and Mobility and Railway Infrastructures, especially the Community Commuter Plan, Transport, “explained Mazón.

Among the amendments are some of the water, with special relevance for the province of Alicante, the definitive development for the start-up of the coastal train, roads, aid to farmers and stoppage of the eradication of trees by xylella or support and promotion plans for tourism and gastronomy.

For the province of Castellón Amendments have been made on water, industry -with special interest in ceramic production- improvement works in barracks to guarantee safety or a plan of aid for those affected by the cotonet, among others.

Regarding the province of Valencia, the relevance of the completion of the infrastructures for the reuse of wastewater and elimination of discharges in the field of The Albufera, as well as road works, nominative grants to promote social and affordable housing or a line for the IVO research plan on cancer.

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