Merkel awkward in a farewell hug with Macron – viewers emotional: “I cried last night”

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Angela Merkel and French President Macron create an emotional scene when they say goodbye. But the Chancellor seems a bit stiff.

Beaune – Chancellor Angela Merkel is currently on something like a farewell tour. The traffic light negotiators want to set up a new government in just under a month. Until then, Angela Merkel is still in office on a provisional basis. Her long-standing international partner, French President Emmanuel Macron, had now invited her to a farewell visit to Burgundy. There Merkel was greeted by a cheering crowd.

Angela Merkel on a farewell visit to France

As the Elysée Palace announced, the visit marked the end of a fruitful collaboration between the President and the Chancellor, both for Franco-German cooperation and at European level. Macron had chosen Burgundy for the meeting because of its rich French heritage, both in the form of historical monuments as well as viticulture.

The Chancellor arrived in Beaune on Wednesday evening and walked through the city center with Macron. Together with her husband Joachim Sauer, she then visited a hospital foundation before they retired to an estate in the wine region for music and food.

Awkward and stiff: Merkel doesn’t know what to do when saying goodbye to Macron

At the meeting, Emmanuel Macron also awarded the Executive Chancellor the Grand Cross of the Legion of Honor. The Legion of Honor is the highest honor in France. The result was touching scenes, which can also be described with the word “Cringe”, which was recently chosen as the word of the year for young people.

As seen in a video that Macron posted on Twitter, he hands over a certificate to the Chancellor. Then he touches her shoulder with his hand. Merkel and he look sadly in the eye. Then she reciprocates his gesture and touches his shoulder as well, hesitantly and stiffly they embrace after the Chancellor takes the first step. You can’t decide whether you just want to hug each other or whether the obligatory kisses on the cheek should follow. But under the clapping of the guests there is a kiss on the right and left. In the end, the two of them hold hands for a few seconds and nod to each other. The two most powerful politicians in the EU seem as clumsy as two teenagers at their first party.

The cordiality between Merkel and Macron goes down well with many

Nevertheless, it shows a warmth that is not often seen in politics. This is well received in the comments below the video. One lady writes: “I actually got a little emotional then. Their mutual respect and appreciation are very evident. I had forgotten what real leaders look like. “

A British user hits the scene even more: “I cried last night. The contrast between this beautiful and moving scene and the populist nightmare we are experiencing in Great Britain overwhelmed me. ”People from numerous other countries comment on how beautiful they find the pictures and how much they contrast with what they are in experience their homeland from the politicians. (md with dpa)

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