More than 6,000 children will be cared for this year in Early Care centers and services




More than 6,000 girls and boys with developmental disorders will be cared for throughout this year in the Early Care centers and services managed by the regional government, «15 percent more than last year and with a significant budgetary amount, since we are going to grow by 65 percent compared to 2015, reaching 8.6 million euros, which shows that it is a bet firm that makes the Executive of Castilla-La Mancha a national benchmark in this area.

This was stated by the Minister of Social Welfare, Bárbara García Torijano, during the inauguration of the I Meeting of Professionals of Early Care Services of the province of Guadalajara. A meeting in which almost thirty professionals have gathered who are part of the multidisciplinary teams of the Early Care network in the province, made up of about 350 professionals, and in which the counselor has been accompanied by the delegate of the Board in Guadalajara, Eusebio Robles and the Social Welfare delegate, Inmaculada Tello, as reported by the Board in a press release.

In this framework, García Torijano has valued the commitment of the Government of Castilla-La Mancha to expand this network with five new points, until reaching 20 teams throughout the region, and for not having a waiting list, guaranteeing that the attention reaches children from the first months and years, when they can best acquire skills. In addition, the counselor has reviewed, it is done in a new way, offering this service in the nearby environment. Thus, “it is our professionals who go to homes and schools to be able to offer this training both to tutors and educational professionals, as well as working in their own family environment with children, in their day-to-day life.”

In the province of Guadalajara there are Early Care teams, in addition to the capital, in towns of the urban area such as Azuqueca de Henares and Cabanillas del Campo, but there is also another resource that covers the area of ​​Sigüenza and Molina de Aragón, which are areas “More depopulated where this care is being offered closely and with guarantees,” said García Torijano.

Children’s participation table

The head of Social Welfare has announced that, in the line of support for children, the Official Gazette of the region today publishes the Order that regulates the Child Participation Table. “An initiative in which the Government has been working for a long time”, García-Torijano has asserted, and with which “today one more mechanism is becoming a reality so that, through plenary sessions to be held annually, they can raise these proposals to the Regional Council for Childhood and Family, which is where all the policies aimed at this group are being worked on ».

It is a participation body that will be made up, on an equal basis, by boys and girls from the region, over eight years of age, with adults also being able to participate in it. Regarding representation on the Board, the Order guarantees that among its members there are five girls and boys representing the Local Councils for Children and Adolescents of Castilla-La Mancha, two for each province; two boys or girls under the guardianship of the regional administration, representing family and residential care and one boy or girl representing minors with disabilities, appointed by the Spanish Committee of Representatives of People with Disabilities (Cermi) of Castilla -La Mancha.

Its functions include giving children a voice in relation to those aspects, plans or regulations that affect them and channeling their opinions, needs and concerns, as well as serving as a channel of communication between boys and girls in the region and the regional Administration. They will also propose to the regional government the appropriate measures to guarantee the well-being and development of children’s rights, paying special attention to the most vulnerable, and they will participate in the preparation and monitoring of Childhood Plans.

Current call

In terms of accessibility and elimination of barriers, Bárbara García Torijano recalled the call that was published last Tuesday in the Official Gazette of Castilla-La Mancha, aimed at local entities with less than 1,000 inhabitants and endowed with 1.8 million euros from of the European Funds, to invest in improving the accessibility of infrastructures and equipment of its competence.

In Castilla-La Mancha there are a total of 641 municipalities, with a population equal to or less than 1,000 inhabitants, that can apply for these subsidies for a period of two months. They may present a single project per entity and may qualify for financing of up to 30,000 euros for the remodeling, adaptations, reforms and acquisition of equipment that improve accessibility conditions in their municipalities, both in public spaces and in municipally owned buildings, with the exceptions contemplated in the document.

Grant applications will be processed and resolved in order of presentation of the same, depending on the fulfillment of the established requirements and until the exhaustion of the available financing, for which the counselor has encouraged the municipalities to present their projects as soon as possible. and improve the accessibility of their surroundings with the aim of improving the quality of life of their inhabitants and also encourage tourist visits to their surroundings.

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