New case of prostitution of a protected minor in Mallorca

Palma de Mallorca



New prostitution case of a minor under the tutelage of the Mallorcan Institute of Social Affairs (IMAS). A Mallorcan businessman is being judicially investigated for having allegedly paid 50 euros to a minor under 17, whose guardianship depends on the Consell de Mallorca, and his girlfriend – who is also accused – to have sex with him on the boat that was docked in front of the cathedral of Palma.

According to the victim’s account to the National Police, the man paid them 50 euros and she voluntarily went so as not to leave her partner alone, who had no money and had decided to prostitute herself, according to local press. However, the investigation considers that both the employer and the minor’s girlfriend may be guilty of a crime of child sexual exploitation. Both the man, 53, like the young accused, 19, refused to testify when they were summoned between late August and early September by agents of the Family and Women’s Care Unit (UFAM).

After having sex in the ship’s cabin on a weekday last February, the minor went to a police station to report the events accompanied by an educator from the juvenile center. The young woman, who was 17 years old at the time, identified the businessman in one of the photographs the researchers showed you and explained where the ship was docked. Two agents went to the boat shortly after to identify the owner, who has several police records.

The minor explained to the agents that her girlfriend she decided to prostitute herself because she had no money and that she tried to dissuade her. As she did not succeed, he accompanied her to the ship so that she would not be left alone. The man, who was not surprised when he saw the two young women, offered them some beers and then they had threesome sex for about half an hour. After paying them the 50 euros to be distributed, the minor and her girlfriend left. A month later, the man tried again to contact them to meet again, but this time the young women rejected the proposal.

Although the minor insisted that she came “voluntarily”, the UFAM researchers consider that there is sufficient evidence of an alleged crime of child sexual exploitation because, as reflected in the report cited by the Diario de Mallorca, the victim “was a minor and, furthermore, due to her physical characteristics, height and complexion, there is no doubt that she is only a girl.” The magistrate of the court number 6 of Palma has already summoned the two defendants for an alleged crime of prostitution of minors, punished between two and five years in prison.

Long list of cases

This new case joins an increasingly long list of cases of rape and prostitution of minors protected by the IMAS. On Christmas 2019, a girl denounced a group rape in Palma and, shortly after, the Consell de Mallorca acknowledged that it had at least 16 registered cases of rape of minors. Last summer, the National Police carried out an operation that culminated in the arrest of 17 people and the indictment of another six for the cases that occurred during 2018 and 2019, when at least 13 young people in custody were prostituted. Meanwhile, both the government of the Consell de Mallorca and the Balearic Government – made up of PSOE, United We Can and the nationalists of Més – have refused to carry out an investigation commission, as claimed by the opposition. The only commission was of a political nature and came to the conclusion that the fault of the prostitution cases lay with society.

In fact, the new director of the Balearic Office for Children and Adolescents (OBIA), Josep Lluís Riera – who replaces Serafín Carballo, fired for not wanting to be vaccinated – acknowledged yesterday in several interviews with the local press that there will continue to be leaks and Child sexual exploitation: “We have had and will always have escapes of minors in the centers,” said Riera, who considered that the cases of rape and prostitution “have gotten out of hand because of the media noise.” “The media noise around these cases does not help. A few days ago a civil guard agent said in an interview that this happened regularly. That does not mean that we have to normalize it but they gave figures for countries much higher than those here, “he explained to Diario de Mallorca.

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