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The most important thing about the corona virus

RKI: Incidence has reached a new high for the year. The nationwide seven-day incidence exceeds the high of the third corona wave in spring at 169.9. The highest value in the entire pandemic was in the second wave on December 22, 2020 at 197.6. In view of the sharp rise in the number of new infections, a majority of Germans are now in favor of compulsory vaccination. According to the ARD Germany trend, 57 percent are in favor. Go to Article

Hospitals in Bavaria are approaching the capacity limit. Although the cold season is only just beginning, corona patients already have to be moved hundreds of kilometers. More and more clinics are imposing visiting bans. To the article (SZ Plus)

EXCLUSIVE Mask affair: “Protect you and me. Lg Jens”. The CSU politician Monika Hohlmeier complained to Spahn that his Ministry of Health owed the mask supplier Emix 168 million euros. Spahn didn’t want to interfere. The question remains: Was Emix preferred in horrendously expensive deals? To the article (SZ Plus)

Which is also important

More than 40 states want to get out of coal. This also includes countries in which coal has previously been an integral part of the energy mix, such as Poland, Ukraine, Indonesia and South Korea. Experts speak euphorically of a “point of no return” in the global coal phase-out. But crucial states like China and the USA are still hesitating. Go to Article

Will soon be responsible for 16 percent of global greenhouse gases. The authors of the study presented at the World Climate Conference in Glasgow call for the super-rich to make climate-damaging hobbies such as mega-yachts, private jets and private space travel more difficult. The richest percent of the world’s population will be responsible for 16 percent of total global emissions by 2030, according to Oxfam. Go to Article

EU wants to lead the way in climate protection. The European Union wants to be the first continent to become climate neutral by 2050. Now India is announcing the same goal by 2070. That sounds like a very distant requirement, but it is significantly more than previously expected. In contrast, the Chinese government’s announcement to achieve climate neutrality by 2060 disappoints many in Glasgow. To the article (SZ Plus)

Experts suggest splitting the railway. The Monopolies Commission urges the new federal government to increase competition. Deutsche Bahn is to be split up, and the state holdings in Post and Telecom are to be sold. To the article (SZ Plus)

EXCLUSIVE Tenant advocates and housing companies are demanding billions for energy-efficient renovation. An unusual alliance of convenience could form on the housing market: Both the President of the German Tenants’ Association (DMB) and the head of the Vonovia real estate group are demanding billions in subsidies from a possible traffic light coalition. The aim must be that the rent including heating does not increase after an energetic renovation. To the article (SZ Plus)

New Abba album released. The Swedish cult band has recorded their first studio album in 40 years. It is now available worldwide under the title “Voyage”. At the end of 1982 the band had taken a break as a group, which ultimately lasted decades. Her biggest hits include “Waterloo”, “Mamma Mia”, “SOS” and “Dancing Queen”. Go to Article

Other important topics of the day:

Best things

Come in abundance! Physical self-love is healthy – that cannot be said clearly enough, according to an Australian authority. And encourages masturbation. Go to Article

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