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The most important thing about the corona virus

Health ministers want booster vaccination for everyone. The refreshment should be possible after six months, says Bavaria’s Minister of Health Holetschek. The ministers decide that testing is mandatory for old people’s and nursing homes. However, the country representatives cannot agree on a mandatory vaccination. Go to Article

The hotel market is in a historic crisis because of Corona. The pandemic hit the business hotel industry particularly hard. In view of the tense situation, are room prices now falling? At least that’s the case in the short term. Go to Article

What else was important

Baerbock believes longer coalition negotiations are possible. The Greens chairman admits differences with the SPD and FDP in climate policy. The Rhineland-Palatinate Prime Minister Dreyer does not see the schedule in danger that Scholz will be elected Chancellor during St. Nicholas Week. Government formation news

Traffic light parties are struggling to find the right way for the train. The FDP and the Greens want to radically rebuild the state-owned company in order to divert more traffic to the railways. The SPD rejects a major reform. But it is questionable whether small interventions will still be enough to deal with the enormous problems facing the railways. Go to Article

Telekom wants to expand fiber optics with help from Australia. So far, Germany has lagged behind in terms of fast lines, but that is changing noticeably. Telekom is now teaming up with the financial investor IFM – for more expansion in rural areas. Go to Article

Concerns about suspected dangerous bridge in Italy. After his imposing work in Genoa, the “Ponte Morandi” over the Polcevera River, which collapsed in August 2018 due to dramatically inadequate maintenance work and killed 43 people, the “Ponte Morandi” of Catanzaro in Calabria is now also the talk of the town advised, the largest arch bridge in Italy: because of unscrupulous, mafia-like construction companies who have installed cheap mortar. Go to Article

Dead Russian diplomat in Berlin was apparently a spy. A man was found dead at the Russian embassy who had apparently fallen from one of the upper floors of the embassy complex. According to a report, the dead man was an agent for German security authorities. Go to Article

Federal President visits Utøya. 69 mostly young people were shot dead by right-wing extremists on Utøya in 2011. Today, thousands come to the Norwegian island for democracy workshops every year. Frank-Walter Steinmeier sees this as a victory over terror. Go to Article

Other important topics of the day:

That interested many today

“Protect you and me. Lg Jens.” The CSU politician Monika Hohlmeier complained to the Minister of Health: His house owed the mask supplier Emix 168 million euros. Spahn didn’t want to interfere. The question remains: Was Emix preferred in horrendously expensive deals? To the article (SZ Plus)

Study: Will soon be responsible for 16 percent of global greenhouse gases. The authors of the Oxfam survey presented at the World Climate Conference in Glasgow call for the super-rich to make climate-damaging hobbies such as mega-yachts, private jets and private space travel more difficult. Go to Article

Billionaire, media mogul, not available. Dietrich Mateschitz has become a billionaire with the “Red Bull” stimulant lemonade. Today he is one of the most powerful media people in Austria – with an idiosyncratic, conservative view of the world. To the article (SZ Plus)

Last but not least

Guys, why are you writing such shoddy pickups on Tinder? Do you really think we find this attractive? Or can you just not flirt better? Go to Article

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