One year after the attack – no sympathy: “total failure of the government”

Misconduct “fits into the picture of BVT”
Even before the attack, mistakes were made, some of them serious. “A key aspect are the two officers, who are now also being investigated, where one of them asked, ‘Shouldn’t we even look at him?’ The other said, no, the resources would be missing, ”says Erich Vogl. In this way, the once arrested and radicalized assassin was able to plan his attack undisturbed. “That fits into the BVT’s picture,” continues Vogl – the house search, the possible transfer of information from the BVT to Wirecard, then the attack: “Maybe it will be better now with the reorganization of the secret service, but that will have a lot of damage to the Reputation done to the republic. Foreign secret services also said: ‘You don’t need to do anything with the Austrians, they have lots of leaks.’ “

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