Orban offers refugee corridors through his country

The Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has offered the West to open corridors through his country for refugees and migrants if this is so desired.

Budapest – “If you need them, take them,” he said in a radio interview on Friday. Incidentally, he thinks that the various coronavirus variants are brought in by migrants. He did not provide any evidence for this.

The right-wing nationalist Orban, who has ruled Hungary since 2010, has made it as good as impossible to apply for asylum in the EU country Hungary. In 2015 he had a metal fence erected on the border with neighboring Serbia to the south. Refugees and migrants who are apprehended in Hungary are pushed back to Serbia by the authorities without any further procedure. Human rights activists and the UN refugee agency UNHCR describe the practice as illegal.

According to the EU, Hungary is violating European and international law with its asylum policy. Several infringement proceedings have therefore been launched against the Central European country. (dpa)


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