Podemos proposes to impose a state quota in Heritage that punishes Madrid and Andalusia




Unidos Podemos returns to the charge against the autonomous communities of the Popular Party. And again for the taxation in the Wealth Tax. The group has submitted an amendment to the 2022 General State Budget project in which it proposes to create a state quota, regardless of the regulations of each region.

«The determination of the state liquid quota will be adjusted to the following rules: a) The current state regulations governing the Tax will be applied. In no case will the standards approved by the autonomous communities in exercise of the regulatory capacity recognized in the tax assignment law. b) The amount of the exempt minimum, as well as the scale of tax rates, will be those set by state regulations on a supplementary basis, “says the text of the amendment, to which ABC has had access.

This referral made by Podemos in its amendment to state law refers to the fact that to determine the new state quota there will be a minimum exemption of 700,000 euros. From that amount it would be, if approved, when the proposed levy would come into play. Said tax would range from 0.2% in the lowest section of the rate scale to 3.5% for those that exceed 10,695,996.06 euros.

Likewise, the document indicates that the state entry fee will be the result of deducting from the state liquid fee the amount of the regional entry fee. The competence of management and ownership of this new creation would correspond to the State, as well as its liquidation, collection, inspection and review.

This is an old aspiration of We can, but also of ERC, which already presented a similar proposal in the 2021 Budgets and that finally did not go ahead. In this sense, it is striking that Podemos has developed joint amendments with the PSOE, and also alone, being in the latter where it has been included what is related to Heritage.

If this modification is approved, it would imply a punishment for those taxpayers established in communities with total or partial bonus. These, mainly, are those governed by the PP; especially the Madrid’s community, which in practice ‘eliminates’ this tax, but also Andalusia, Galicia, Murcia … all of them under the same political sign.

In the last hours, both Gabriel Ruffian, ERC spokesperson in Congress, as the Lendakari of the Basque Country, Iñigo Urkullu (PNV), have once again placed the Community of Madrid under the focus of independence and nationalism. Rufián, during the debate on the entire Budget, criticized the little fiscal “ambition” of the accounts and referred to the Spanish capital as “a black hole” that has left “moors” in empty Spain. Along the same lines, Urkullu, in a meeting of the New Economy Forum, charged this Friday against the ‘fiscal dumping’ in which, according to him, Madrid incurs.

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