Ramelow calls for a new regulatory framework | politics

In view of the planned expiry of the special status of the epidemic emergency, Thuringia’s Prime Minister Bodo Ramelow is calling for a new regulatory framework for the time afterwards.

Berlin – This is necessary in order to be able to take all measures that are necessary in view of the corona infection figures, said the left-wing politician on Friday in the ZDF “Morgenmagazin” in Berlin. If the federal framework is dropped on November 25th and you are not in a position to draft a state ordinance on November 26th, then you can discuss what you want, he said. “We are talking about a federal law and this federal law must be adapted.”

In view of a possible meeting between the prime ministers and the federal government, Ramelow called for a clear objective. “I’m not against it, I just said it had to be clear what we were going to decide,” he said.

The head of government from Thuringia also criticized the federal decision according to which tests are now chargeable. “The federal government just did it and presented us with a fait accompli,” said Ramelow. «I would continue to speak out in favor of test centers. And I would be happy if the vaccination centers had continued to be paid for. ” (dpa)


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