Ramelow: Germany has to grow together

As the new President of the Federal Council, Thuringia’s Prime Minister Bodo Ramelow is pushing for an equalization of living conditions in East and West, but also in town and country.

Berlin – “I am convinced that we can and must become stronger in all regions of our country,” said the left-wing politician on Friday in his inaugural speech in the regional chamber. Germany must “grow together so that divisions can be overcome and we grow together”.

He called the creation of equal living conditions required by the Basic Law a key. Especially citizens in structurally weaker regions or poor municipalities perceive the thinning of railway lines or schools as “downgrading and displacement,” said Ramelow. It is not a matter of East and West.

“The ecological and digital modernization of our country must therefore also and especially focus on the regions that have so far been structurally weak,” demanded the left-wing politician. What is needed is a guarantee of mobility in town and country, but also relief for particularly indebted towns and communities as well as basic child benefits.

Ramelow campaigned for a further development of democracy and for more respect and “cultural controversy” in politics. Citizens did not expect politicians to represent political milieus so much as they expected them to solve problems together.

He spoke of a Herculean task of digital and ecological modernization. “We politicians always have a confident smile on our faces in such situations,” said Ramelow. «We have resolute words on our lips and knock on our pockets. In that – or so we claim at least – there is at least one finished plan, if not several at the same time. My experience is that this attitude is no longer appropriate. In times of upheaval, success and solidarity depend on many bridge builders. “

Thuringia took over the presidency of the Federal Council for one year from Saxony-Anhalt on November 1st. Ramelow’s motto for this time is “Growing together”. (dpa)


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