“Resounding slap in the face for hospital staff”: Medical Association criticizes Kickl

Kickl had recommended, among other things, to rely on “early treatment” instead of vaccination alone. He called for the implementation of the blue “Plan B” in corona management. Medical Association President Thomas Szekeres rated this as a “resounding slap in the face” for the hospital staff who treat seriously ill Covid patients every day.

“Scorn and disregard”

“It is sheer mockery and disregard for their performance when they receive treatment recommendations via the media from politicians who have never treated a patient,” said Szekeres in a broadcast. It is certainly not about bullying or terrorizing someone, as the FPÖ club chairman insinuiere: “It is about that we as a society survive this crisis and that our health system remains upright and efficient.”

“The vaccines approved in Austria have been checked and tested according to strict safety criteria and are by no means experimental. They have now been vaccinated more than six billion times worldwide. It is therefore irresponsible to stir up uncertainty and fear with false information,” said Szekeres.

Previously, the Vice President of the Austrian Medical Chamber, Styrian Chamber President Herwig Lindner, had been angry via broadcast. “The quackery proposals by FPÖ chairman Kickl can endanger human life.” Kickl’s “Plan B” stands for “stupid, but for some of the people affected by Corona it is also threatening,” the infectiologist said in a broadcast.

The FPÖ chairman referred to unnamed experts, but in reality would thwart the tireless fight against Covid-19 of the entire medical profession in hospitals and ordinations and deeply unsettle the population, stated Lindner. Taking down the corona vaccination as a globally recognized essential preventive measure against Covid 19 infection is the opposite of a plan, said Lindner.

Of course, doctors would already treat the sick on the basis of medical science with the available options, “they do not need any political calls for this,” said the Styrian Medical Chamber President. Kickl’s ideas are a “wild hodgepodge of fake news and half-truths”.

The Styrian FPÖ countered on Friday afternoon: It should be pointed out that Lindner Kickl is assuming that he is “endangering human lives with his political concepts”. According to state party secretary Stefan Hermann, Lindner had damaged his own office with his “party-politically motivated agitation.” The language of expression is not worthy of the President of the Medical Association, his task is to ensure a committed representation of interests and not to start those, party-politically motivated attacks – especially in a more than questionable diction. If Lindner wants to play the black-red-green party secretary or government spokesman, then he should think about whether this is compatible with the office of the President of the Medical Association, said Hermann.


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