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Now more than three centuries ago, a shipping service was created in Spain with the aim of reaching the last corners of our country. Thus was born the operator of postal services in Spain (Correos) and with it the guarantee of a public service that covered all areas of our geography, including rural areas and all those with difficult access and unaffordable costs for any other company in the sector.

This commitment to provide the universal postal service (SPU), the regulation of the rights of its users and its market, was updated with the enactment of the Postal Law, thus protecting the financial balance of the operator in charge of the provision, Correos, and guaranteeing the quality of the postal service at an affordable price.

However, since in 2018 he assumed the presidency of the Post Office who had served until now as chief of staff of Pedro Sanchez, the dismantling of the postal service has been progressive and alarming. The data offered by the company in its annual report, which is collected in the different reports of the CNMC and those periodically published by the European Union, show that the service is being reduced to unacceptable minimums, that it has ceased to act as a backbone factor of “emptied Spain” and that Correos you are not receiving adequate funding for the provision of its essential service.

Today we see how there is a continuous decrease in the number of offices; 240 Post Office centers between offices, delivery units and rural services have been closed in recent years, which has led to the reduction of thousands of jobs. We are in a critical situation as regards the relationship between mailboxes by number of inhabitants, and that is that while the average in Europe is situated at 1 mailbox for every 800 inhabitants, here there is only 1 for every 1,691 inhabitants.

Similarly, claims and complaints from users of postal services have grown in the last year by 33%, which shows the continuous deterioration of the service. Looking at the company’s 2020 financial results, whose losses amount to a total of 264 million euros, and without being corrected in 2021, the seriousness of the situation and the negligent management are noted.

However, it seems that the economic, labor and operational deterioration of Correos in the provision of the universal postal service does not worry its president much, since as CCOO and UGT denounce in unison, the only thing that increases are the advertising and propaganda campaigns in the company. Proof of this is the recent disproportionate expenditure of 21 million euros in the so-called “We carry what you carry inside.”

In the public accounts of 2021 and 2022, a cut of more than 26% financing to the universal postal service with respect to the PGE of 2018 (the last elaborated by the PP), something that endangers its survival. Far and unfulfilled is the agreement formalized in 2018 between the Ministry of Public Works, CCOO and UGT, by which the parties set the objective of an annual progressive increase in the funds allocated to the UPS until reaching 220 million euros.

An essential service, a key to the structuring of the country, a factor of economic and territorial cohesion in Spain, cannot be damaged and deteriorated by the irresponsibility of a government that does it. is progressively dismantling. Let us really bet on the guarantee in the provision of essential services in our rural Spain.

Andres Lorite, Spokesperson for Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda of the PP in Congress

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