Schulze: The energy transition can only be achieved with the courageous expansion of renewable energies – not with nuclear power

The acting Federal Environment Minister Svenja Schulze (SPD) has clearly rejected a revival of nuclear power in Germany.

Berlin – “There will be no renaissance of nuclear energy in Germany,” said Schulze on Friday the news portal t-online. It makes “absolutely no sense to get into something that is far too dangerous, far too expensive and far too slow to even contribute anything to the solution of climate protection,” said the current minister, who is currently also in the ongoing coalition negotiations SPD, Greens and FDP is involved.

From their point of view, the energy turnaround will only succeed “with the courageous expansion of renewable energies”. Anyone who opts out of coal and nuclear energy at the same time must “get into something new,” said Schulze. The new energy technologies such as solar and wind power would have to be made more palatable to the population, for example through financial incentives. “The regions themselves must get more money from renewable energies,” said Schulze.

In the past few days there had been increased discussions about a possible revival of nuclear energy in Germany. After the Japanese nuclear accident in Fukushima in 2011, the then incumbent federal government sealed the earlier phase-out of nuclear energy. All six nuclear power plants that are still in operation are to be shut down by the end of next year. Critics of this decision warn of bottlenecks in the energy supply and, among other things, call for the running times of the still existing reactors to be extended. (dpa)

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