Sierra Norte delivers 3,300 signatures to the Government Sub-delegation to request more and better bus services




The mayoress of Sigüenza and president of the Local Action Group ADEL Sierra Norte, María Jesús Merino, has been received at the Government Subdelegation in Guadalajara, together with the Mayor of Mandayona, Óscar Relaño, and Loren Gómez, a neighbor of Romanillos de Atienza, by the current Subdelegate of the Government in Guadalajara, Mercedes Gómez, with the aim of to convey the claims of Sigüenza and the rest of the municipalities of the Sierra Norte de Guadalajara on the existing problems with the road transport line 34 (Madrid-Sigüenza-Atienza) that the Samar company manages through a State concession.

In total, they have delivered to the Government sub-delegate about 3,300 signatures from residents of the region – 1,500 from Sigüenza, 1,359 in different towns in the Sierra Norte and 400 in Mandayona -, fundamentally requesting three improvements on this Line 34 , has informed ADEL Sierra Norte.

In the first place, the change of departure time is claimed, from 6.45 am in Sigüenza to 8.00 am, as was customary until a little over a month ago, when it was the same Maria Jesus Merino who publicly sounded the alarm about the change. With the return of the first train in the morning to Sigüenza, both transports practically coincide in time and route, so, delaying it, gives a second option to those who must travel to Guadalajara or Madrid.

Secondly, the return of the afternoon bus is claimed, leaving Sigüenza at 4:00 p.m., suppressed during the pandemic and whose service had not been recovered. «Now that we have managed to get the train to leave Sigüenza at 6:50 in the morning, it is essential that the bus can have a different schedule, the one it had before, and the two do not leave at almost the same time. We are grateful for having recovered that train, but we need the buses to recover their previous schedule and also leave again in the afternoon ”, said María Jesús Merino after the delivery of signatures.

Finally, the spokesmen of the Sierra Norte de Guadalajara demand the improvement of the service on demand, since at present the company does not respond to the stop requests that are requested by telephone from the municipalities of the Sierra Norte.

Merino thanked the Subdelegate for her attention “and that she will help us in this claim,” she revealed about the content of the meeting. In fact, Mercedes Gómez, has promised to transfer the signatures and claims of neighbors and municipalities to the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, and has opted for collaboration between administrations to respond to the needs posed by mobility in rural areas, in particular travel from the smallest towns to the headwaters of the region or to the capital of the province.

The mayoress of Sigüenza and president of ADEL Sierra Norte has also underlined the support of the regional government, from the Ministry of Development, “which has listened to our requests, although this is not a line of autonomic competence, but of state competence.”

In this regard, Merino has made public the predisposition of the Community Board of Castilla-La Mancha to continue pressing for the requested services to be reestablished as soon as possible. “They have told us that they will also help us in our claim, which is none other than maintaining an essential service that older people use to get to the doctor and do administrative procedures,” he stressed.

In addition to delivering the signatures to the Government Sub-delegation, the Sigüenza City Council will send those corresponding to the municipality to the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, accompanied by a letter of claim, and to Samar, the concession company.

The demands on the bus coincide in time with the announcement by Renfe, of the reestablishment of the Regional return train on Sundays at the last minute from Madrid to Sigüenza. Thus, as of this Sunday, November 7, the 8:02 p.m. train with departure Madrid Chamartín will come into operation, making a stop along the entire line: Alcalá de Henares, Guadalajara, Yunquera de Henares, Humanes de M., Espinosa de H., Carrascosa de H., Jadraque, Matillas, Baides and Sigüenza.

In this way, “the schedules of the conventional train finally end up returning to the same terms in which they were before the pandemic, something that we hope will also happen with the bus line sooner rather than later,” concludes Merino.

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