Söder likes to play with language: The darling alliteration

MAn can vividly imagine how the world’s best advertisers and PR people brooded over the new slogan for Baden-Württemberg. The previous “We can do everything. Except Standard German. ”Was already“ very, very good ”, precisely because of the two points that signaled determination. But today you need something that works internationally, like “hidden champions”. English? When Swabians speak English, it’s rather embarrassing, see Günther Oettinger. But isn’t it already a cult? What would Markus Söder do? At that moment, an advertiser will have jumped up from the sitting ball and shouted: “Got it: The Länd!”. This would address rural areas as well as global markets.

The reactions were mixed. That also had to do with the fact that the real Söder showed at the same time in the immediate vicinity how to do it. The Bavarian Prime Minister is also looking for a new slogan for himself and his country, because the previous one, “Laptop and Lederhose”, is getting on in years. Söder is not afraid to orient himself towards the greatest philosophers in the world. His “Motivation and Inspiration” as well as his “Humanity and Order” are very reminiscent of the linguistic systematics of the Habermas titles “Facticity and Validity” and “Knowledge and Interest”, not to mention Foucault’s “Sexuality and Truth”.

Timing and tuning, tying and bundling

In Söder’s “We all have to get away from the ego first”, Peter Sloterdijk’s “You have to change your life” seems unmistakable. Söder is of course even closer to the history of comics and films than to philosophy. When he recently described Bavaria as a “Gallic village”, the hearts of Asterix fans beat faster. Söder’s latest “narrative”, Bavaria as a “free south” must be read as a further development of Klaus Lemke’s cult film “Dirty South”. The juxtaposition of south and north should also be a tribute to “Game of Thrones”, an epic that the CSU boss has demonstrably received.

The means of alliteration is of course even more present in his rhetoric. Classics here are “caution, trust, responsibility” or “timing and tuning”. Most recently, Söder coined the phrase “binding and bundling”, with a variation of the classic “laptop and leather pants” being experimented with in the CSU headquarters. Hot candidate: “Lapdance and Lederhose” – that would put not only the Free State, but also the Lederhose in a whole new light.


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