Spahn, Söder and Co .: Total political failure resulted in a highly dangerous fourth corona wave

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Germany has more corona deaths than exactly a year ago, and new infections are at a record level. Not surprising with the corona management. A comment.

Munich – How often can politicians always make the same mistake? The fourth corona wave is literally lashing through the country – our top politicians woke up once more when it was too late. As in Corona autumn 2020. Because this time election campaigns and power struggles were more important and the hope that the virus would somehow give in.

Now that the numbers are at record levels and even corona deaths are higher than last year, some seem to be awakening again. First and foremost, Germany’s Minister of Health Jens Spahn, who preferred to campaign for weeks to end the “epidemic situation of national scope” and thus suggested to the people outside: The pandemic is actually over.

Corona strikes with full force: Political failure in various places

Even today it is no longer just a “pandemic of the unvaccinated”. That may be true of clinics. In real life, more and more people who have been vaccinated or who have recovered are infected who hardly feel the virus, if at all, but spread it. And possibly to parents and grandparents who received a second vaccination more than six months ago.

The number of vaccination breakthroughs is increasing. And it has long been known that older people in particular should be boosted. But loud advertising for a third vaccination was hardly to be heard during the election campaign. Now that the corona numbers are exploding, Spahn and Co. switch to panic mode – rightly. It took long enough.

A next point: after the vaccination centers were closed, seniors are now waiting for the booster appointment with their family doctor for weeks again. The lack of foresight on the part of Spahn, Söder and Co. is amateurish and does not do justice to a pandemic. A subordinate clause from the chairman of the conference of health ministers from Bavaria underlines this. “I believe that this dynamic that we are currently experiencing was not foreseeable,” said Klaus Holetschek at a press conference in the middle of the week. Doctors have long reported an impending collapse of the health system.

Corona wave: Dangerous vacuum between the Merkel era and Scholz’s new beginning

With such sentences from a health minister from Bavaria, one can be afraid of winter. Whether the no-lockdown-for-vaccinated-and-convalescents-promise can be kept when the intensive care beds are no longer enough? Because here, too, politics has failed mercilessly. You can hardly say it any other way. The migration of the nursing staff was ignored in the summer, in fact almost hushed up. Now the clinics sway even earlier under the burden of the sick. Incentives to persuade staff to stay in this important situation – nonexistent. Nor are there any plans to whip up the stagnating vaccination quota for autumn and winter.

After the spring of 2020 and the winter of 20/21, the health staff is facing the third very difficult phase. Because in addition to Corona, the flu is also booming – and not least the rampant RS virus among children.

Chancellor Merkel still warns and would like to tighten the reins, but the traffic lights are making great strides towards the takeover of government. The vacuum created should be filled as soon as possible. If not, it could be extremely dangerous.

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