Taliban hell: Afghans with harrowing acts of desperation – “Must sell my daughter”

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Since the Taliban came to power, the situation in Afghanistan has gotten worse and worse. The hunger crisis is taking on shocking proportions.

Kabul – Desperate after the Taliban came to power. In Afghanistan the hunger crisis is worsening dramatically. The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the World Food Program (WFP) of the United Nations announced in a recently published report that more than half of the country’s population will not have enough to eat as of this month, November. A record 22.8 million people in the country of an estimated 37 million people.

As early as September and October, almost 19 million people in Afghanistan experienced high levels of acute food insecurity, an increase of almost 30 percent compared to the same period last year, the report said. Reasons for the increase are a persistent drought, the collapse of public services, a severe economic crisis and rising food prices in the country.

(The terror in Afghanistan never ends: Taliban fighters are said to have beheaded a young woman from the junior national volleyball team. The coach confirmed the murder.)

The crisis situation sometimes drives people to frightening actions.

Afghanistan: hunger crisis leads to desperate acts – “I have to sell my daughter”

Because the worsening situation leads to ever greater despair and protests in the country. In a video often shared on Facebook on Monday, an Afghan films five children lying in a grave. The man comments as one person is shoveling soil on the boys that his family has not had anything to eat for a week. “Brothers, there is no more reason to live. We’ve only been drinking water for a week. We decided to bury ourselves alive.

Young Taliban fighters on a pick-up truck in the streets of Kabul.

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The US broadcaster CNN published a video about the forced marriage of a nine-year-old girl. With a 55 year old man. “I have no work, no money, no food. I have to sell my daughter. I have no other choice, ”says the father in the harrowing footage. The child told CNN reporter Anna Coren: “We have no bread, no rice and no flour. He sold me to an old man. “

The video footage shows how the older man picks up the girl – she cries and tries to run back to her parents’ house one last time. “These are devastating decisions that no parent should ever make, and they show what an extraordinary collapse is currently happening in Afghanistan,” RTL quoted Heather Barr of Human Rights Watch.

Famine in Afghanistan: United Nations calls for urgent aid

The militant Islamist Taliban had conquered large parts of Afghanistan after the international NATO troops began to withdraw. On August 15, they entered the capital Kabul without a fight and have been ruling ever since. Since then, a large part of international aid and development funds have been suspended, and reserves of the Afghan central bank parked abroad have been frozen. Teachers ‘or civil servants’ salaries have not been paid for several months.

The United Nations called for urgent help as one of the largest food crises in the world was developing in the country. In a global comparison, Afghanistan is one of the countries in which most people are at risk of hunger, both in absolute and relative terms. (dpa / aka)

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