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The best small-format cinema this weekend takes center stage in Soria’s cultural activity at the hands of the Ciudad de Soria International Short Film Competition, which celebrates its 23rd edition this year. The festival will start this Saturday with a tribute to the filmmaker Luis García Berlanga in which his widow, María Jesús Manrique from Soria, will collect the festival’s horse of honor. During the contest, which this year has Africa as its guest continent, the short films of the famous Valencian film director will be able to be viewed (on the 10th at 6:00 p.m.): ‘The teacher’s dream’, ‘The circus’ and’ Walk through an Ancient War ‘. In addition, other famous feature films such as ‘Plácido’ or ‘Verdugo’ will be screened.

After its presentation at the Seminci, the Sorians will also be able to enjoy the documentary ‘Berlanga !!’ scored by Rafael Maluenda when we have the information. The tribute is completed with the exhibition ‘Silence’ with photographs taken by a personal friend of Berlanga ‘El Flaco’ and material loaned by the Valencian Museum (Muvim).

As far as screenings are concerned, the festival will start this Saturday with the film in the market cinemas ‘Josefina’ and a talk with its director, Javier Marco. On Sunday the opening gala will take place with a welcome table organized by the women magrebies collective in Soria. In addition, the short films will be screened: ‘Ella poema’ by Aida Colmenares and ‘Laatash’ by Elena Molina.

In total, the contest organization received 1,200 short films, 58 percent of which come from Spain, but they will only compete for the 50 ‘Caballo de Soria’. However, between the official sessions and the parallel sessions, 74 works will be screened and the another 36 the rest of the year with the aim of maintaining the spirit of cinema in the city 365 days a year.

Africa, guest continent

On the other hand, Africa will be the continent invited to this edition of the festival. In his honor, some African shorts with different themes will be screened, such as ‘No soy yo’ and ‘Khadiya’ by Farid Fatmid, member of the official jury, and the film ‘Talking About Threes’ by Suhaib Gasmelbari in collaboration with Casa África and the Tarifa Festival . In addition, there will be an exhibition of dances and drums and on the opening day the exhibition ‘Masai Land’ by Javier Almar with images of the Savana will be opened to the public.

The coordinator of the contest, Yolanda Benito, also pointed out that this year it is trying to encourage the little ones to go with their families to the movies and, therefore, animation workshops for children and shorts according to their age have been organized that will be held at the Centro Cívico Bécquer.

With regard to the rest of the projections, the prices will not exceed three euros, since the objective is to make culture available to everyone with prices that are “totally affordable and accessible to everyone,” according to the coordinator, reports Ical.

The Closing Gala will take place on Saturday 20 also at the Palacio de la Audiencia and will be conducted by Belia, singer and international artist. In addition, the delivery of the ‘Horse of Honor’ will feature a theatrical performance. On Sunday 21 the winners will be announced from 7:00 p.m.

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