The City Council will demolish the Valencia field hospital if the Generalitat does not legalize it




The Valencia City Council threatens to demolish the field hospital installed next to La Fe if the Ministry of Health does not legalize it within a period of two months. It is the time that the council led by Joan Ribó gives the Generalitat to “provide the necessary documentation and request the timely legalization of works carried out without a license or urban authorization” in the hospital complex.

The Urban Planning delegation managed by the socialist Sandra Gómez does so, moreover, “with express warning that, if after said period has elapsed, without effecting it, the measures to restore legality provided for” in the regional law will be agreed: “the demolition of the buildings made illegally, the cessation of utility supplies, annotation in the Property Registry or communication to the Real Estate Cadastre ».

With this resolution, to which you have had access ABC, the Valencian consistory moves tab after the report that the municipal technicians made on the facilities. After inspecting the enclosure last September, they realized that the tents, installed in April 2020 to mitigate the health collapse caused by the pandemic, did not have neither building nor environmental license, a requirement set by the regulations of the Consell to be able to “exercise activity”.

In their letter, the professionals also warned that, a year and a half after its inauguration, “there is no information available on the acoustic emissions produced by the equipment installed outside “for its air conditioning and detailed that” no equipped fire hydrant is observed in the facilities and the presence of external hydrants on the perimeter of the enclosure is unknown.

Archive image of the interior of the Valencia field hospital
Archive image of the interior of the Valencia field hospital – MIKEL PONCE

The PP spokesperson in the Valencia City Council, María José Catalá, has described this situation as a “new nonsense” of the local government of PSPV and Compromís that, in his opinion, has acted “for party interests” – both govern the Generalitat together with United We Can – in an infrastructure “to care for sick Valencians.”

«They have once again demonstrated how little the health of Valencians matters to them by not acting knowing that the hospital was without a license for allowing it. It is a coincidence that they act when the infrastructure is about to be dismantled and not when it was time to do so, demonstrating the negligence of municipal management, “he criticized.

«We don’t want to think that Ribó and Gómez have been dexpanding the performance, something that is not done with any neighbor who starts any activity in the city, “said the popular mayor.

It will be disassembled at the end of the year

The President of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, announced the opening of three field hospitals together with the reference centers of Valencia, Alicante and Castellón a few days after the pandemic broke out to expand their care capacity.

Of the eight million initially budgeted, the tents have ended up costing double -around sixteen-, although the Consell continues to battle with the company that was awarded the work by the emergency procedure due to the discrepancies in this matter. However, despite the fact that they gained prominence during vaccination and served as a setting for mass PCR, the use of these spaces has been residual when it comes to housing patients.

At the end of January, strong gusts of wind that struck the city of Valencia forced the transfer of twenty patients – over 18 years of age in the phase of resolution of the disease – who were admitted there at that time.

The Generalitat has always defended that not having to refer more patients to these annexes is good news and they have claimed that the investment has not been in vain, since they will become the property of the Valencian Government when they are dismantled –at the end of the year, in principle– and can be used in any emergency situation.

According to the data offered by the Ministry of Health, during the worst moments of the pandemic in the Valencian Community and until February 15, the three hospitals housed about 300 people with coronavirus, 93 of them in Valencia.

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