The PSOE denounces “the row of shame” of the vaccination of the elderly in Salamanca




The spokesman for the Socialist Group in the Salamanca Provincial Council, Fernando Rubio, denounced yesterday “the row of shame” during the start of the mass vaccination of the elderly in the province of Salamanca, both of the third dose against Covid, and against the common flu. “It is an absolute delusion that there are nonagenarians and centenarians waiting to be vaccinated,” said El Rubio before the Martín Fiz pavilion in the town of Tamames, also claiming to have seen people “fall” and “find themselves practically in a situation of fainting”, reports Ical.

According to Rubio, the Junta de Castilla y León is treating the elderly, “those who deserve better treatment, the most vulnerable, worse than cattle.” For the socialist spokesman in La Salina, there is a situation of “inhumanity” at which “we can only be indignant, raise our voice and request urgent resignations now.” Who is also mayor of the municipality of Juzbado alluded to the “numerous requests” made by the socialists with the aim of getting vaccinated in the local clinics of the towns to conclude that “it is already cruelty.”

Along the same lines, and without sparing qualifications, Fernando Rubio blamed the Board for the “total chaos” of the vaccination process. “Can’t the elderly be vaccinated in their localities?” He asked himself in this sense. “The lack of management and sensitivity to the rural environment gives rise to these totally unacceptable circumstances. The PSOE, meanwhile, is here with the people, where it should be, to say what is fair and we regret that there is no one from the PP denouncing this situation and being accomplices for being silent, “he concluded.

For his part, the vice president of the Board, Francisco Igea, did not want to comment on what happened in Salamanca and limited himself to pointing out that no elderly person is going to remain unvaccinated because they cannot attend the call so that he would be inoculated in the center itself of health. He pointed out, in this sense, that the vaccination of those over 70 years of the third dose against Covid and influenza will be carried out through “a mixed system”, so that there will be mass appeals in Ávila and Palencia, personal citations in Zamora and both methods will be combined in the rest of the provinces in order to avoid crowds in health centers.

Thus, he advanced that there will be mass appeals in Ávila and Palencia, personal summons in Zamora and both methods will be combined in the rest of the Community. Finally, he pointed out that, in principle, Castilla y León does not have problems with the supply of flu vaccine doses. “We hope that we will do as badly as in previous campaigns,” he ironized about the high rate of vaccinated in previous years.

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