the public glares at the great favorite of ‘Secret Story’ … but with the option of repechage



Once a wise man said that «if Adara kill someone, fans would say it’s the dead man’s fault for falling on top of the knife. Pol Badía could not describe better in ‘GH VIP 7’ the sect that supports the former great sister. Tonight they almost saved her from expulsion again at the ninth gala of ‘Secret Story’ in a tight duel against gemeliers, despite the fact that this week he has made more than enough merits to end up on the streets. Make funof Cristina and accuse her of having lost her dignity as a woman and begging for love, the most disgusting of all.

From his estrangement with Luca and Cristina, Adara has painted less in the house than Sandra Pica and Christmas, aka ‘the marquises of Ikea’. His ‘modus operandi’ has him tracing three ‘realities’: hibernate, whine, victimize, provoke and make a folder. His immense luck has been to have the favor of the program by shoehorning it into a prefabricated role with outside plots. He came in three weeks later; even so, he has had more contact with the outside world than any of his peers. No less than two tweets, call, and visit from her ‘boyfriend’ Rodri Fuertes; call from his father; and has seen his ex, Gianmarco Onestini. It was missing that they put the neighbor of the fifth one. And, incidentally, a melon could also be opened about the stink of montage that their relationship of ‘hamor’ gives off.

It is true that, in the last days, ‘Lady Rotondas’ He has complemented the amoeba strategy with his dodgy face, trying to sell with his new Aliexpress trio a role of imaginary outcasts, criticizing other people’s relationships, and pursuing the confrontation with half the house based on provocations and half-hair vacillates. If she had more vocabulary than “I piss”, “I shit”, “scoundrel” and “I’m not going to play your game”, you could believe that the spirit of Lucia Pariente. Intoxicating Guadalix with as much toxicity as that caused by Alba Carrillo’s mother has sentenced her, thus saving the twins from an expulsion that bore her name.

Luca, Adara and Cristina Porta in 'Secret story'
Luca, Adara and Cristina Porta in ‘Secret story’ – Mediaset Spain

Sandra and Adara’s embarrassment in the room of truth

The program has given Sandra Pica crumbs of house organizing a truth room with Cristina. It is what he desperately sought to provoke at the party on Wednesday. Inside they intuit that the Catalan carries, along with Luca, almost the entire weight of the edit. Unable to shine on its own Pica He took the opportunity to mess it up when the organization proposed a game to them in which they had to comment on the qualities and defects of their teammates. Everyone participated in a good mood and joking. Except Pica, who accused Cristina of lack of humility. With that gesture he intended a confrontation, as he admitted to his two clappers; however, he got silence for an answer. From the mouth of the reporter came a harmless “says more about her than about me”, but with that simple phrase he triggered the lithium levels of the ex of Tom Brusse.

He immediately went into an embarrassing outbreak worthy of ‘Big Brother’, distilling (from behind) insults like ‘asshole’, ‘I shit your fucking mother’, ‘imbecile’, or ‘you disgust me’ towards Brings. Too bad that the program has missed putting them in the video exposed in the room of truth. I wanted wool and it came out shorn, because Cristina has given a spectacular review of Sandra.

Luca, and 'Secret story'
Luca, and ‘Secret story’ – Mediaset Spain

Either Adara has been able to beat Luca in your face to face. The Italian not only has an amazing ability to read the contest from within, but also to argue with tone, clarity and without getting upset in discussions. “You are doing a shit of portfolio, it is a crappy game what you do,” she accused her former friends, pissed off when they positioned themselves behind her in the nominees’ positions. In addition, attacking and misrepresenting confidences that his ex-brother-in-law had confided to him «I see something real until he says he feels for his ex. It’s crappy. Luca He has blamed him that “we have decided to forget everything and start a relationship with mature people who have to live in the same house. And now that Cristina He wants something nice with me, this person uses this information to hurt me, that really hurt me ».

According Molinero «They are angry because I have uncovered the game they were up to. They haven’t kissed because he doesn’t like her. And like when he does not know where to go, he mocks and disrespects, which is what he has based his part of the conversation on. But Honest has it puffed. “When she suddenly changes the chip, she starts attacking when three days ago it was an incredible relationship, I realize that this lady tries to fight with everyone.” And with a «you say that Cristina I don’t like it, but I like it, ”he finished ironing it.

Once expelled, however, she has already started to pave the way for the play-off with an unexpected confession. «I would have liked to be friends with Luca. I thought that we would continue Cristina, Luca and I until the audience wanted it.

The repechage begins!

In a new round of fairly predictable nominations, Luca has emerged victorious from the immunity game, while Sandra, Christmas and Cynthia are the contestants in which they will play this week the stay in the house of secrets.

Jorge Javier Vázquez announces the repechage of 'Secret story' after the expulsion of Adara, who also opts to return
Jorge Javier Vázquez announces the repechage of ‘Secret story’ after the expulsion of Adara, who also opts to return – Mediaset Spain

One will come out, but three will come in. After the equator, ‘Secret Story’ rev up the engines to re-fish some of the former contestants, although not all those expelled will choose to return home and get a second chance at the prize. Voting is now open for the public to choose between Adara, Emmy, Fiama, Frigenti and Lucy. Next Monday, in ‘The night of secrets’, the three most voted will return to Guadalix de la Sierra.

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