The Queen travels to Paraguay to visit Spanish Cooperation projects




The Queen will travel to Paraguay tomorrow to begin her annual cooperation trip. In an intense stay that will last two days, Doña Letizia will know first-hand the work that the Cooperation Española has been performing in Paraguay for more than thirty years, focused on the areas of health, gender, water and sanitation, education and culture for development.

Doña Letizia began this type of trip in 2015 with a visit to Honduras and El Salvador and, with the exception of 2016, she has made one every year, even in 2020 in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic. In 2017 he was in Senegal, in 2018 he traveled to the Dominican Republic and Haiti, in 2019 it moved to Mozambique and in 2020 it repeated in Honduras, which had just been hit by two hurricanes.

Unlike the other trips – focused on humanitarian aid to third world countries – this will be the first of development cooperation made by the Queen. This trip pursues the objective of publicizing the projects carried out by Spain in Paraguay, in order to underline the importance of strengthening development cooperation in countries where aid is needed.

In this sense, according to diplomatic sources, it is intended to highlight that Paraguay continues to be “A country of priority association by Spain”. Throughout these thirty years of work by Spanish Cooperation, some 200 million euros have been allocated – including more than 33.4 between 2014-2019 – in projects, which have made it possible to reduce poverty considerably, expand the middle class and increase well-being, causing Paraguay to be considered as a High Human Development and High Middle Income country since 2017. Once this objective has been achieved, Spain is committed to continuing to help Paraguay, given that democratic institutional weakness and inequality persist.

The Queen’s cooperative trip to Paraguay will begin after a fourteen-hour flight. Doña Letizia is scheduled to arrive tomorrow at Silvio Pettirossi International Airport (in the capital of Asunción) late in the afternoon, late at night in Spain. At the foot of the track she will be greeted by Silvana López Moreira, the wife of the President of Paraguay, Mario Abdo Benítez. The Queen will have a brief meeting with the first lady at the same airport.

Early the next day, on Wednesday 3, Doña Letizia will visit the Technical Cooperation Office (OTC) – which depends on the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID) -, where a human team of twelve professionals works , between Spaniards and Paraguayans. The Queen will hold a meeting with all of them, who are the ones who plan, develop and make the programs go ahead.

That same day, she will travel to the city of Encarnación, where she will visit the Comprehensive Care Center for Women. There, the Religious Foundation for Health (FRS) has been working since 2007 on the prevention, diagnosis, awareness and treatment of breast and cervical cancer, which are the first and second causes of death among women in Paraguay.

You will also learn about the work carried out in the Workshop School, which seeks to improve the quality of life of young people between 16 and 23 years of age in vulnerable situations, who live in disadvantaged areas, where drugs, alcohol and domestic violence are very present.

Jesuit missions

In the afternoon, Doña Letizia will visit the Jesuit missions of Trinidad del Paraná and Jesús de Tavarengue, in whose restoration, AECID participated after signing an agreement with the Paraguayan Government in 1991.

Together with Silvana López, he will visit the two missions, which were declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1993. In recent years, the Spanish Cooperation has carried out a project to improve accessibility to facilitate visits to both venues for people with disabilities.

On Thursday, in Asunción, the Queen is scheduled to visit the Bañado Sur Family Attention Center with the first lady. In the late morning you will visit the Juan de Salazar Cultural Center. He is one of the deans of the foreign network of cultural centers in Spain which, after 45 years in operation, is a fundamental focus of the country’s cultural movement. This visit will be followed by another to the Entrepreneur Training Center and the ‘Napu’ ake ‘project.

Before embarking on her trip back to Madrid, Queen Letizia will go to the presidential palace, where the president of Paraguay, Mario Abdo Benítez, and the first lady will offer a lunch in her honor.

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