The victim’s children and ex-wife believe that he would not have opened the door “to anyone with a foreign accent.”




The children and ex-wife of María Aguña Yesterday they pointed out the victim’s “obsession” with security, including with an alarm in the home and double locks. All this because he had been the victim of an attempted robbery four years earlier. In addition, they considered that she “would never open the door to anyone with a foreign accent” and remarked that her mother was in good health, so they did not know that she had a heart treatment, as indicated by forensics.

This was assured during the third session of the trial for the death of Aguña, in the Plaza Circular de Valladolid, in October 2018, in which it was revealed that almost all the parents knew Rubén Alonso, the alleged ideologist of the events, for work reasons and for having been his patients at the dental clinic on some occasion.

After the statement of the accused, in the afternoon the testimony resumed, after a recess, the son of the victim, Jesús Ángel Aragón Aguña, who admitted that he was a patient of Alonso “five or six times”, always through his ex-partner, Cristina Aguña, who was the one who knew Rubén, although she assured that “she had no friendship relationship with him.”

The three sons and the daughter-in-law claimed to know of the existence of the safe, built behind the wall, behind some curtains, where large amounts of money were kept for family business reasons. The day before the events, Jesús Ángel took 300,000 euros from his house to his mother’s safe because “he did not trust his wife, Cristina,” from whom he was not yet separated, and returned in the afternoon of the same day. to move them home.

Also, that she checked many times through the peephole “even though she knew the voice of the person who visited her,” as explained by the son, who recalled that on the day of the events, he rang the bell because he was shopping in the Circular, but his mother did not open the door. “Time passed and at 4 we went there and found the door arched, but closed. The television was blasting and we called the police. And we entered and we found my deceased mother, “he lamented.

To questions from the prosecutor, he maintained that “there were not many people who could know the routine details of María at home”, but he did name his ex-partner Cristina, something that she later admitted because the victim “made her feel very good.” In fact, for a time they lived in the same house as their mother and later in the third in the same building, at which time Jesus and Cristina’s relationship with his mother “was very close,” reports Ical.

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