“There are fans who want to relive the same constantly, but we have decided to risk”



‘Home’ is going to be, saving the distances, a kind of ‘Sgt. Pepper’s’ in the race Izal. His adventurous and sometimes experimental spirit is going to throw off some fans, but as time passes, they will surely like him as much as those who have entered the first listen. “It is true that it has more ‘strange’ things, to put it quickly and that it is understood,” acknowledges its leader Mikel Izal, who has checked the reactions of his audience on the networks, but with a certain care because he is “healing of the noise »they generate. «The album is raising passions, and that is always good. We have never received so much passionate feedback about the previews we’ve made in the weeks leading up to the release of the full album. There are many people who tell us that they are surprised by the evolution that the songs denote, but there are also voices that have risen saying that what we have done does not fit them. Whenever you risk you will meet fans who want to constantly relive the same thing. But I think that in a few months they will change their minds.

In the band they are so convinced that they have made one of their best albums, that they decided to advance each and every one of their songs as a single. “It has been a way of pampering each song, and enjoying the excitement of the release of each one,” says bassist Emanuel Pérez ‘Gato’. “The idea did not suit our incoming distributor very much, but in the end they changed their minds. Turning an album into a handful of singles is adapting to the times ”. “In a way, what we’ve really done is rebel against the dominance of the single,” adds Mikel. “It’s risky, but we’ve never had such a feeling of having made an album without a single filler track.”

The album has been produced by the group together with Brett Shaw (Foals, Florence and The Machine, Lady Gaga, etc.) and Sancho Gómez-Escolar, dedicating the last months of 2020 to building the twelve tracks of this album halfway between Madrid , London and the idyllic landscapes of the Sierra de Tramontana, where La Luciérnaga, Juanito Makandé’s recording studio, is located. “We spent five weeks in Mallorca, enjoying things calmly, disconnecting from reality,” says ‘Gato’. «In Madrid we finished a couple of songs, and in London winds and strings were recorded. We were unable to go there to witness the recording of that last part, due to restrictions. A pity ».

During his talk with ABC, Mikel is surprised to find himself explaining in detail the meaning of some of the lyrics on the album. “I am realizing that I am losing the fear of doing it,” he says. «’I’ve returned’, for example, is interpreted as a celebration of the return to normality after the pandemic, when in fact I wrote it in 2014, to talk about what happens after a sentimental breakup. It talks about that supposed freedom that singleness gives, but also about the squalor of the world you return to when you break a relationship. One thinks that the freedom of being single will give you happiness, but then it is not so bad … ».

Now that it is time to present the album live, Izal are aware that they are starting from a very favorable position in the situation of concert saturation that will take place in 2022, with the accumulation of hundreds of performances and tours postponed during the pandemic. “The emerging bands are going to have it much worse than us,” says Gato. “If we had released our first album at the end of 2019, for example, the pandemic would have cut our wings completely, our trajectory would have broken. There are hundreds of bands that in 2019 were as we were eight years ago, and that now need a lot of support. They are the masía of Spanish pop, and we must not neglect them ».

For now they have announced three festivals, in Talavera de la Reina (June 11, Capital Fest), Mallorca (June 24-25, Mallorca Live festival) and Benicasim (July 14-17, FIB), and two great concerts, one at the Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona (October 8) and another at the Wizink Center in Madrid (October 29), the latter with a single date despite the fact that what was postponed last year was a double. “We keep the door open to add a second date in Madrid, of course we do,” says Gato about it. «Those two concerts went down in history, we stopped making sense to make so many postponements and we decided to cut our losses, cancel them, return the money for the tickets and announce a new concert. For now it is one, but if things go the way we think they will, they will end up being two Wizinks.

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