‘Today can be my big night’, ‘verité’ theater in the small room of Rojas



Qualification: Today can be my big night. Author: Noemi Rodriguez. Address: Andrea Jimenez. Interpreters: Noemi Rodriguez and Darlene rodriguez. Scenography: Monica Borromello. Locker room: Paola de Diego, Sigrid Blanco, Candela Ibáñez. Production: En Vilo Theater. Stage: Rojas de Toledo Theater, small room.

The small room, recently inaugurated, of the Teatro de Rojas gives a lot of space for works of a format that do not need a lot of babbling and to represent stories that do not include many characters. But that it is less does not mean that it is not better. In fact, what has been represented so far has had its point of charm and attraction with very topical issues, very much of society, very of those that weave the skein of the people we meet on the street. You have to ritualize the theatrical afternoons on Wednesdays and Thursdays in this venue and not just leave the scenic enjoyment for the weekends. The truth is that it is worth it. It would even be necessary to make a bet from the Board of Trustees of the Teatro de Rojas and its management to seek and retain new audiences, with special attention to the youth segment. Would it be so difficult to get 30 students from ESO or Baccalaureate or Professional Cycles to attend the representation every Thursday? In the function this Thursday I have seen students from the IES ‘Princesa Galiana’ who were with a couple of teachers and I was delighted to see them. There is an example to follow.

The work of this Thursday, November 4 with a title that misleads a bit about the content, Today can be my big night, it has been an excellent theater show truth. We do not care if the story is real or pure fiction, but from the stage it seemed that the objective experiences of the actress who monologues were being transmitted. Whether they were true or not, the fact is that they seem so. And that has succeeded perfectly Noemi Rodriguez, both with the text of its authorship, and with its own representation. We do not have a classic text in front of us, but a kind of primitive theater, as a mirror of society, which connects with people, with a family in this case, with aspirations and expectations that are not fulfilled, as so often happens to many. persons. The story is credible, so credible that we don’t care if they finally confess that it’s not real.

Today can be my big night It can be analyzed as a theatrical party, a comical and musical monologue, an exercise in self-fiction that tells the fascinating story of an orchestral singer in Galicia in the 1990s and his daughters, whose highest aspiration is to be like their father. But there is much more: there is the portrait of the society of that time; there are the topical differentiated roles of mother and father; there are the deception between partners for breach of trust; there are the excessive hopes that are placed on the children, as if they were going to be the ones to achieve the successes that the father did not achieve; there are the children who want to be like the father.

In the development of the plot of this supposedly self-fictional comedy, a central element is the music and the imitations of singers of the time to which the viewer is moved, the hits of the moment (the hits of Sergio Dalma, Freddie Mercury or the Azúcar Moreno among many others); There are even scenes in which the actress generates a kind of collective karaoque with the public, very encouraged to participate.

We can say that it is a contradictory show, because on the one hand it produces a lot of laughter among the spectators and we would be talking about comedy; However, we are facing a text that is very nostalgic and sad because of what is frustrating for the protagonist of the story that is told and the social and family environment in which she grows up, the Galicia of the 90s. a certain melancholy of childhood memories. The resource used in the dramaturgy is curious, in which, as a zapping, a review is given of the importance of television programs that were the background of the interpreter’s childhood and youth. In the end, nothing is what it seems, when it is revealed to the viewer that most of the narrated content is pure fiction, although they would have been led to believe that it was the pure truth. But that in the end no longer matters.

Good work of direction of Andrea Jimenez that has achieved a good rhythm without pause and has managed with few elements to achieve a good dramatization. And, of course, the absolute protagonism, dominating the text of his authorship, and the nuances that make the emotions and the various moments of the actions change, is that of Noemi Rodriguez, which bends and unfolds in as many facets as a paper in the hands of an origami artist; great work of actress yours.

These works, such as the Teatro En Vilo, are necessary, they are essential to attract spectators and they are excellent for the small room of the Teatro de Rojas, which already claims as much prominence as its sister, the larger room. Friends and readers to whom these letters reach, make room in your busy schedules, overcome the fear of Covid and come to the small room at Rojas on Thursdays, you will rejoice.

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