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What are the most common spelling mistakes in Spanish?

The consolidation of the internet during this century and the emergence of social networks have inexorably changed the course of communication. From the arrival of text messages through cell phones of yesteryear to the current publications in communication tools such as Instagram or Facebook, they have caused a general neglect when dealing with writing in our day to day.

The memoirs that Paul Newman left behind come to light

About four months ago, although the pandemic time is the most relative of all, the news broke that Prince Henry of England was writing his memories, and he was doing it, in addition, with the ‘collaboration’ of the journalist and writer JR Moehringer, one of the most requested ‘ghostwriters’ (he has worked, among others, with former tennis player André Agassi and with actor George Clooney) in the publishing market North American.

Tania Bruguera: “This award is the best response to the Cuban government that defames us”

For the Cuban artist Tania Bruguera (Havana, 1968) the year 2021 has been tough. For months she has lived under de facto house arrest, guarded 24 hours a day by agents of the Cuban State Security. The reason, to head some of the initiatives promoted by the world of culture against the lack of rights and freedoms on the island, such as the demonstration on November 27 before the Ministry of Culture that lit up the 27-N movement, which have led headlining the Cuban regime in the last year.

“An Odyssey damage report should have been produced for the court”

“Yes,” Joan Carles Alay answers emphatically when asked if the mission to the Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes frigate should have produced a damage report for the court investigating the Odyssey case. For the secretary general of the Catalan Archeology Society and one of the leading experts in the study of illegal archaeological interventions, there is no doubt that “this report should have been prepared and completed.”

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