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Here, the headlines of the day where, in addition, you can find out about all the news and the latest news today on ABC. Everything that has happened this Friday, November 5 in the world and in Spain:

Karim Khan, the man who corners Maduro

No one expected that the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court would decide to announce the opening of an investigation into Chavismo at the same headquarters of the Venezuelan Presidency. But Karim Khan, 51-year-old British lawyer, decided to make his independence clear from the beginning and to inform the world face to face with Nicolás Maduro of his decision.

Wanted Alfredo Lindley, the new Lupine of Europe

He is one of the most famous thieves on the continent, he leads the life of a Maharaja, he has been convicted a dozen times in the past, he hides under at least nineteen nicknames and is followed by the police in half of Europe. But so far it has not been hunted, probably because it has “protection.” His name is Alfredo Lindley, 40 years old, nacid in Peru and of Slavic origin. It is known as the Lupine of Europe.

What is happening between Morocco and Algeria

In August, the Algerian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ramtane lamamra, announced that his country was breaking relations with the neighboring country. «The kingdom of Morocco has never ceased its hostile actions against Algeria, “said Lamamra.

Portugal calls early elections for January 30

The President of Portugal, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, finally confirmed that the early elections will be held next January 30th, a date that he has pondered for the last week after hearing the arguments of the different political parties.

The Hague Court may question Maduro and other Chavista charges

The decision of the chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (TPI), the British Karim Khan, to open a formal investigation for crimes against humanity in Venezuela it is unprecedented in the history of the American continent. Never before has this step been taken, a notable qualitative leap compared to the phase of preliminary examination of the complaints in which the case had been for nearly four years.

Russia humiliates international representative in Bosnia and gives wings to Serbian secessionists

The mandate of the EUFOR European military mission in Bosnia-Herzegovina has been prolonged unanimously, after the other countries of the Security Council accepted the conditions imposed by Russia and which essentially consist of humiliating the Office of the International High Representative and the High Representative himself, who for the first time since its creation have not been able to participate in the process is not even mentioned in the resolution finally approved.

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