Traffic light coalition is pushing for new corona rules

Dhe future government alliance of the SPD, FDP and the Greens wants to present its first joint law, discuss it and have it passed in the Bundestag and Bundesrat – long before the Chancellor of the new coalition has been elected and the ministers appointed. The three future governing parties have not only been holding tough talks about the details of their coalition agreement for weeks with a total of almost 300 negotiators. They also agreed on a template relatively smoothly, which should form the new basis for possible corona restrictions.

So that your draft law can be discussed quickly in the newly constituted Bundestag, a special committee, the so-called main committee, is to be set up there to ensure the usual parliamentary process. This main committee takes over the function of the usual technical committees in parliament, which have not yet been formed. Because the question of which MP will take on which function in those committees will only be clarified once it has been established who will take over which functions in the future federal government from the coalition partners’ political personnel reserves.

The schedule agreed by the future governing parties stipulates that their corona amendment will be available for the first reading in the Bundestag next week, that the main committee will then be set up, which will then immediately hold a hearing on the future corona restriction rules in the draft law and that a week later the second and third readings will follow in the Bundestag.

Special meeting of the Federal Council on November 19

A special meeting of the Federal Council, which also has to approve the amendment, is scheduled for Friday, November 19, the state of Rhineland-Palatinate has already applied for it. As soon as the Federal President signs the bill, it will take effect – just under three weeks before the day in the first week of December for which the election of Olaf Scholz as Federal Chancellor has been envisaged.

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