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Coalition negotiations


Russia-Ukraine crisis puts pressure on Berlin

Nord Stream 2 pipeline construction in the Baltic Sea

Specialists are working in the Baltic Sea in September on one of the last construction sites on the controversial gas pipeline.

(Photo: Nord Stream 2 AG / AFP)

The US is warning of intensified Russian aggression against Ukraine. This worries the incumbent federal government and the traffic light negotiators – especially because of Nord Stream 2.


Stefan Kornelius, Munich, and Paul-Anton Krüger, Berlin

Fluctuating gas deliveries from Russia and Moscow’s aggressive stance towards Ukraine are putting the executive federal government, but also the intended next government coalition made up of the SPD, the Greens and the FDP, under increasing pressure. According to information from Süddeutsche Zeitung At the end of the week, the USA made representations to the European External Action Service and to the foreign ministries in Berlin, Paris and London from diplomatic sources. The reason is the concentration of Russian troops on the border with Ukraine and the associated high potential for escalation.

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