We have exclusive photos from the filming of Can Yaman in Palermo and you will want to be there



Ours with Can Yaman it’s a big, huge like, in red letters. It is that we look at him wherever we look at him, we like him a lot. And these photographs that we have obtained exclusively from rodaje de ‘Purple like the sea’ They are to like it or even to put a floor on it. It is to raise it. Because with jeans, with a shirt, with a coat, alone, accompanied, acting, resting… we don’t care. We love to see you in action, so handsome and so happy with his

castmate, with which he gets along very, very well … and not only in networks.

Little secrets in meeting, they are lack of education.
Little secrets in meeting, they are lack of education. – Lagencia-Crush

Because the chemistry between Francesca Chillemi and Can Yaman it shows from here. It does not matter if they are shooting or that they are on a break. They get along well and have become very good friends. And many fans already see the good folder here. But as far as we know, she has her daughter’s boyfriend / husband / father. But oh, what a good couple they would make, right? Given that what of

Diletta Leotta it could not be, This Italian actress, presenter and model does not seem like a bad option for him either. But yes, we already know that one cannot get involved in these matters. It is their business and nothing more. But they are so cute …

- If I get a little closer, what happens?
– If I get a little closer, what happens? – Lagencia-Crush

You just have to see them during the recordings in Palermo, where they have been for more than a month. You know that we always get the best of the paparazzi and there was one getting the best photos from the filming of ‘Viola come il mare’ for you. Smile over here, look over there. Call me crazy, but the good vibes can be seen from here. We do not say that they like each other, but that they get along well, that’s right.

Handsome. – Lagencia-Crush

Be careful, we also have time to talk about him and his character,

Francesco Demir, the leading police officer in this series, which marks Can’s international debut. Can we please take a minute to think about how well these pants fit?

For a reason, it is also the image of male firms
For a reason, it is also the image of male firms – Lagencia-Crush

Oh, who was the stylist of the series! That person who has the right to touch Can’s face, Can’s hair, and Can’s body, and above to make it more handsome. We cannot imagine how he can be with such a Colorado canyon without his legs, hands and the rest of his body shaking.

- Oh, how handsome you are, thief.
– Oh, how handsome you are, thief. – Lagencia Crush

Hours and hours of filming, of repeating takes, of getting into the car, getting out of the car, running, putting on the siren, waiting for it to roll … This is how it has been in Palermo for more than a month. And still when I got to the hotel I had

want to say hello and serve the fans.

Can Yaman is one of those actors who are clear that much of his success is owed to the fans and that is why he is always so attentive and so grateful. Filming now continues in Rome, but what has not changed has been the interest of his followers to see him, their happiness for what he is doing and, this is already our contribution,

how well he gets along with his partner.

See them


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