Will Robert Habeck soon to be Minister of the Interior?

WEither in the state or in the federal government, the Greens each headed a ministry of the interior. At least if you disregard Otto Schily, who had long since switched to the SPD when he became Federal Minister of the Interior in 1998. This could change now. It is not unlikely that Robert Habeck will become Federal Minister of the Interior. The party chairman has always formulated reaching into other milieus than his political goal; he wants to finally get the Greens out of the eco-party niche.

The Ministry of the Interior would be the maximum exploitation – and quite an imposition for the party. But at a state council, Habeck recently said: It would be a “stair joke of history” if the Greens, who wanted to expect so much from society, were not prepared to expect anything from themselves. Does the Ministry of the Interior belong to it?

The Greens have clearly expressed interest in the Ministry of Finance, which is the second most important house in the federal government after the Chancellery and, from a Green point of view, the key department for climate policy. But the FDP also wants the house, party chairman Christian Lindner has leaned so far out of the window that it cannot be seen how he should do without without losing face. Some Greens think that this is his problem, not theirs. On the other hand, the Greens do not want the FDP to go into the coalition in a humiliated state; that would weaken stability from the outset.

Around 80,000 employees

In the logic of the previous governments, the Federal Ministry of the Interior was the third most important house. The mere figures alone prove that it is a political thick ship: the house has around 80,000 employees, including the twenty subordinate authorities. In the past, the Federal Minister of the Interior sat at the table in all important rounds. In the pandemic, the interior department was involved in every regulation, if only because there are simply not enough lawyers in the Federal Ministry of Health. As a constitutional department, the Ministry of the Interior must anyway be involved in all constitutional questions in the legislative process.


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