Anne Will / ARD: “Tyranny of the unvaccinated!”

The fourth corona wave is rolling, the clinics are filling rapidly. How can politics counteract this? With “Anne Will” it uses harsh words, but few clear plans.

Berlin – The corona numbers in Germany are increasing – and good advice seems expensive. Anne Will asked on Sunday evening in her political talk in the first: “Corona new infections at the highest level – does Germany need a vaccination?”

Corona-Talk: Söder speaks out in favor of “Anne Will” for compulsory vaccination in the medical profession

The first point of contention: Twelve million people in Germany are still counted as unvaccinated. In addition to children (and in some debates also football stars), non-immunized employees in old people’s and nursing homes are also considered to be pandemic drivers. Although over 90 percent of the medical staff in clinics are vaccinated, almost half – especially of the staff working on them – in old people’s homes have still not received any corona immunization.

Anne Will names the number on the other hand: According to “ARD-DeutschlandTrend”, 57 percent of those questioned would be in favor of compulsory vaccination. Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU), who can be connected to the studio from Munich, positions himself in the ARD talk as a proponent of the introduction of mandatory vaccinations for individual professional groups. There, “where it is a matter of life and death”. The chairman of the World Medical Association, Frank Ulrich Montgomery, also calls for this.

Söder also calls for more opportunities for employers: “You need the right to ask whether you have been vaccinated or not.” This is currently not possible for data protection reasons. Söder calls for a change in the law so that employers can plan accordingly to redeploy vaccinated workers. Montgomery makes it clear where this could lead: In Italy there is “3G in the workplace”, according to Montgomery. Those who refuse must expect to lose their job.

“Anne Will” – these guests discussed with:

  • Markus Söder (CSU) – Party chairman, Prime Minister in Bavaria
  • Katrin Göring-Eckardt (Alliance 90 / The Greens) – Group chairmen in the Bundestag
  • Dr. Frank Ulrich Montgomery – Chairman of the World Medical Association
  • Prof. Alena Buyx – Chair of the German Ethics Council
  • Christine Vogler – President of the German Nursing Council

There are strong headwinds on the keyword “Vaccination for nurses” – from the President of the German Nursing Council, Christine Vogler. The head of the umbrella organization puts the shortage of skilled workers at 200,000 people across Germany. She criticizes that the profession has not only been overburdened since the beginning of the pandemic. It is fundamentally wrong to put nursing staff in the “crosshairs” and to declare them “pandemic drivers”. Instead, according to the care spokeswoman, there is a need for “mandatory vaccination for everyone”.

Anne Will (ARD) on Corona: “Vaccinations are no longer a purely private matter”

As far as the chairman of the German Ethics Council, Alena Buyx, explicitly does not go, a mandatory vaccination for certain professional groups is possible: “In the case of Corona” vaccination is “legally no longer a purely private matter”, Buyx clarifies. The vaccination has too strong a positive effect on society and medical institutions. As an interim solution – prior to the introduction of mandatory vaccination for certain occupational groups – Buyx also advocates the obligation of employees to provide information on their vaccination status.

In order to get the current situation under control, Vogler calls for daily tests in the care facilities, advocates faster implementation of vaccination offers, the expansion of vaccination centers and more practical solutions on site. Montgomery adds: “The vaccine continues to come in six-dose bottles.” It therefore still needs six vaccinees together that the doctors would have to invite – plus the bureaucracy, with up to seven pages of forms. Montgomery: “That’s rubbish!” The state could help more.

In “Anne Will”, Söder repeatedly emphasizes dissent with lateral thinkers: “Ultra nonsense”!

Green parliamentary leader Katrin Göring-Eckardt dares a swipe towards Söder one day before the planned traffic light surcharge in terms of corona rules – because in Bavaria the incidences are rising particularly quickly, the vaccination rate is low. Göring-Eckardt chooses the comparison with a red-red-green run city-state: “Bremen is so successful because they have entered the communities”, while Söder, Göring-Eckardt suggests, does not, for example, refer to FC Bayern Munich Mobilization of the countless fans have used.

Söder does not let that sit on him and strikes back to counterattack. According to Söder, it is the fault of the “lateral thinkers”, but also “esotericists” and “alternative practitioners”, whom he packs together in the anti-vaccination box and comments towards the Greens: “Followers of them”. The head of the Green Group grimace: “These are not our supporters, Mr Söder! We are team science! ”.

Corona dispute: “Tyranny of the unvaccinated”? Doctors boss insists on drastic choice of words

But doctor boss Montgomery gets on the maverick topic, speaks of a “tyranny of the unvaccinated”, which means that society with over two thirds vaccinated continues to struggle with measures that are already history in other EU countries . He consciously chose the word “tyranny”, he emphasized on Will’s gentle insistence.

Söder also attests to Germany “two viruses” – Corona and “this poison”: disinformation that “lateral thinkers”, “Reichsbürger” and “parties like the AfD” would massively spread, according to the Prime Minister, people are becoming aggressively “nonsense” and “Ultra nonsense” drilled in. He was also strange how people would literally “shut themselves up” in these statements and behave “like in a sect”.

Conclusion of the “Anne Will” talk

Söder and Göring-Eckardt could not resist small party political taunts in the matter of Corona, but the talk stayed on course. But the situation seems tricky: Getting the twelve million unvaccinated “under the needle” before winter seems unlikely. Rapidly increasing the intensive care capacities in hospitals as well. It will probably follow what happened last winter: do what can be changed quickly. Currently this will probably mean: relax data protection in matters of vaccinations, introduce the 2G rules, increase the vaccination rate among young people. (Verena Schulemann)

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