Austria-wide protest action by health professionals on Wednesday

Under the motto “Five after twelve”, the “Offensive Gesundheit”, an association made up of the Chamber of Labor and Doctors and the health unions, has called on more than 400,000 employees to do so. They point out that Austria has been in the biggest health crisis in 100 years for almost two years. However, the government has still not taken a single urgently needed reform measure that would make the daily work of those employed in the health, care and social professions noticeably easier. “Our colleagues are reaching their limits, which is why there is currently a wave of withdrawals from health, care and social professions. We are only as strong as each of the 400,000 employees, so we want to express our justified displeasure together on November 10th give “, so the representatives of the” Offensive Gesundheit “.

“Many of our employees are already physically and mentally at their limit,” said the “Offensive Health” in a broadcast. “Emotional and physical overload are no longer an exception, and we have to protect our colleagues from them. We therefore need immediate relief for employees in order to be able to take countermeasures quickly.” Even before the crisis, the health, care and social sectors suffered from massive staff shortages. The pandemic exacerbates this development. We don’t need more nice words from politics, but finally adequate remuneration, more free time and urgently more staff. In addition, a fundamental training reform and improved working conditions are needed quickly in order not to slide further into the dangerous supply crisis.

The representatives of the “Offensive Gesundheit” want to set an example with the protest action and create broad awareness of the tense situation in the health, care and social sectors in Austria. The campaign is aimed at all political leaders at federal and state level who could ensure improvements and relief in the health system.

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