China: Historic decision on Xi Jinping’s third term expected

The Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party wants to pave the way for state and party leader Xi Jinping to a possible third term in office.

Beijing – The 370 members and candidates met in Beijing on Monday for a four-day plenary session to discuss a “historic resolution”. After 1945 and 1981, it is only the third time in the party’s 100-year history that such a resolution should be adopted.

According to official information, this is intended to summarize the party’s “great achievements and historical experiences”. According to observers in the run-up to the party congress in autumn 2022, the resolution is intended to cement Xi Jinping’s position of power in order to allow him a third term in office – as the first leader after the revolutionary and state founder Mao Tsetung.

The Chinese propaganda once again raised the personality cult around the 68-year-old head of state and party. The Xinhua State Agency described him as “a man of determination and action, a man of profound thoughts and feelings.” His visions and willingness to work were also praised. (dpa)

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